Gryta, Aug 1 2016

Afternoon workout…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Gryta 1032m 122m Stryn GPX
Gryta (right)

Monday afternoon, and I was on my way home from Anne in Sogndal to my house on Sunnmøre. Normally, I try visit a new mountain top on these trips, and the plan today was to hike Skjorta (1472m). But as the rain sat in as I was driving up Sogndalsdalen, Skjorta was a no-go. I decided to keep on driving until I came to an area where it didn’t rain. My hopes to find one weren’t high.

But when I drove into Stryn, the weather was quite OK. There was no mountains that I hadn’t been to that I could easily do this late in the afternoon, so I chose to hike Gryta – a very easy peak right above Stryn. I was on top of Gryta with Karma back in 2013.
I followed the road up to Stryn Skisenter and parked at the bottom of the slalom hill (320m). Karma was eager to get going, after more than 2 hours in the car. We kept a good pace up the slalom hill until it topped out at 680m.

360 vertical meters of hard work ahead…

After 0,3km, the path forked. I decided to try the route coming up on the south side – a route that I hadn’t done before. When we got to the cliffs, I noticed that the route was quite steep, but still unproblematic for Karma.

A bit steep, but unproblematic for the dog

The path led us to a gorgeous vista point above Stryn. I took Karma to the edge of the cliff and asked her to stay put. She knows what it means…

My oh my – what a great viewpoint!

Afterwards, we went up to the summit and I could enjoy the view towards the surrounding mountains Gulkoppen, Holskardhornet, Karifjellet, Sølvberget, Natakupa, Steindalsegga and Kyrkjefjellet. Of these tops, I still hadn’t been to Steindalsegga and Kyrkjefjellet.

Summit view from Gryta

After a round of pictures, we headed down the normal route on the north side and followed the path back to the slalom hill. We were back at the car 6:45pm – 1h:25m and 5,4km after heading out. As I was stretching out, it started to rain. All in all, I have to say I was lucky with the weather this afternoon…

The route

Pictures from the trip: 

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