Svalbard 2013 highlights

Highlights and keywords from the Svalbard 2013 expedition

The ultimate highlight of the trip…

In April 2013, Petter Bjørstad, Geir Åke Dahlen, Helge Larsen and I went to Svalbard to ski and climb the two highest point on the island – Newtontoppen (1717m) and Perriertoppen (1712m). I have written a trip report in Norwegian, and the trip report begins here.

This trip – along with Mt. Blanc in 2003 and the Greenland expedition in 2004 – was the greatest adventure in my mountaineering career, and one day I might translate the report into English. Until then, I have gathered a few pictures from the trip and added a small comment to each picture. In sum, one should hopefully get a “feel” for what this 12-day trip was all about…


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