Tylderingen, Jan 14 2017

The first ski-trip in 2017

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality WCP GPX
Tylderingen 1104m 214m Sogndal WCP GPX
Anne arriving on Tylderingen

This was my first ski-trip in 2017, and along on the trip came my girlfriend Anne and our dog Karma.

During the winter, one can almost always rely one someone else having broken the trail to Tylderingen, and given the amount of fresh snow, it was tempting to go to there and find out if the theory was correct.

Fretland and Tylderingen, in 2010

We drove up to Fretland, and were the first skiers to park for the day. As we had reckoned, tracks were leading up the mountain. I had hoped that Karma would really appreciate this, but she was hardly ON the trail at all. Too much exiting stuff going on below the powder snow.

Oh! The joy of winter!


An eagle, walking back and forth in the forest caught our attention. It was really odd behavior and I tried to sneak upon it, assuming it would be a cadaver up there. But the eagle flew away before I got close, and a as fence made it difficult for me to proceed, I decided to turn around. Anne went up the next day, but found no cadaver. One theory is that the eagle was starving and exhausted and tried to save energy.

Heading up the forest

This was a fairly short trip – 3,2km up to the summit and just less than 600 vertical meters. It was a glorious day, and we enjoyed every minute of the trip.

On top of Tylderingen

On the way down, we had to get organized with Karma. She tends to run very close to us, but steel edges and a dog close by is a very dangerous combination (we know!). The best solution to the problem is that I run first while the other hold Karma back. Then Karma follows and then Anne.

“Rear view cam” while descending Tylderingen

The snow was just perfect. It felt SO good to feel this kind of snow under my skis again. Several others on their way up also wanted a piece of this sensation. Back at Fretland, I seriously considered making the trip one more time. But in the end, we called it a day, well knowing that we would have many months of skiing ahead of us…

Our tracks up and down Tylderingen

Pictures from the trip

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