Trollkoppehornet, May 13 2017

A wonderful ski-trip in the Vanylven mountains

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality GPX
Trollkoppehornet 974m 291m Vanylven GPX WCP
Sandegga 970m 42m Vanylven GPX WCP
Storhornet 867m 144m Vanylven
Sandegga (the snowy peak in the middle) seen from the ferry

I was keen on a ski-trip, but the usual spring candidates (Eidskyrkja, Sunndalsnipa, etc.) didn’t tickle my fancy, so I started to look for other alternatives. I knew two things; there was snow on the Sandegga massif in Vanylven  – and – there was a mountain road. I could see this mountain road from my house on Gurskøya, and there seemed to be snow in the upper part. I took my chances and got on the first ferry from Årvika to Koparneset.

The upper part of the mountain road – snow!

After driving in and out of Syvdsfjorden, I reached the village Rovde, turned north on the road to Årskogdalen and drove up to 460m, where I had to park the car. From the trailhead, I couldn’t quite tell how far I would have to carry the skis.

Trailhead view. Storhornet to the right. I carried the skis halfway up the flank in the middle

Karma (my dog) and I headed out at 2:15pm, from 450m elevation. I carried the skis for 15 minutes up to 590m elevation, before I could put them on.

The snow was a bit soft in the beginning, and Karma struggled. But the snow quality improved quickly, and we had a nice journey towards Trollkoppehornet.

On our way to Trollkoppehornet. Storhornet to the right.

There wasn’t a lot of snow on the ridge between Trollkoppehornet and Sandegga, but just enough for skiing all the way to Sandegga.

The ridge to Sandegga (far right)

From Sandegga, I skied down to a viewpoint above Høystakken – a pinnacle/peak that is part of “Syvdsalpane” or “Breiteigsfjella” and looks just amazing when seen from Syvdsfjorden. It didn’t look too bad from above, either, and I decided that I want to make an attempt to reach the top later this year. It might be a good idea to carry a rope…

Looking down on Høystakken (center)

On our way back, we passed just south of Trollkoppehornet and I had a very nice ride down to the Trollkoppehornet – Storhornet saddle, while Karma probably was thinking in line of “I’m too old for this s…“, and tagged along in a moderate pace.

Karma, on the way down from Trollkoppehornet

While skiing up to Storhornet, I made sure to follow a route so that Karma could walk where the snow had melted. But she insisted on following my tracks. Either she is stupid, or she loves snow more than I realize…

On top of Storhornet. Skoratinden in the background

I had yet another fun ride down from Storhornet, while Karma struggled in the soft snow.

Karma on the way down from Storhornet

We were back at the car 5:25pm, 3h:10m after heading out. I was filled with joy over having done such as nice trip in Vanylven – at this altitude (< 1000m) this late in May.

The route

Pictures from the trip:

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