Røggjin, Sep 20 2020

End of vacation week

Røggjin seen from Kyrkjebønøse
Røggjin1370m334mHemsedal, Norway

Sunday:  My ambition for the last day of my vacation was without limits, given the GRAND TOUR of yesterday. But that was before I woke up this Sunday and noticed that Karma was limping. That was really not a huge surprise, given her Shoulder Dysplasia, which is for the most part kept under control through vitamins. But yesterday was “off the rockers

I revised my plan and decided to visit Røggjin after securing fresh bakery and coffee at the local gas station.

On my way up from Hemsedal, with Røggjin above

I drove up to the road past the skiing centre and noticed that the road seemed to go on forever. Definitely something I would check out at a later point in time. Because today, I would settle for Røggjin – which seemed like a short walk on a nice trail – according to the map.

Røggjin (seen after the hike)

Karma didn’t protest when I left her in the car. I told her I’d be back before she would even miss me and tried to stay true to my word on my way up the mountain.

The trailhead

The trail was indeed nice, but I wasn’t to keep the pace I wanted to. Damned this thing that had riddled my body all year (and that I – most likely – found the solution to one week later! Stay tuned for THAT!)

On the path to Røggjin

I reached the top of Røggjin at 08:14am, half an hour after heading out.

On top of Røggjin

It was really nice to see a long string of tops that was just there for the taking. The next time I return here…

View from Røggjin

I didn’t stay for long, hurried back down and was back at the car 58 minutes after leaving it. Karma was sound asleep…

The tops I visited yesterday were now hidden in fog

I then followed the mountain road for a while, considering a hike to Storebeihovda (1303m), but didn’t find a route that didn’t include wetlands. So, I decided to drive up to Hemsedalsfjellet and hike Slettind (1592m) instead.

Storebeihovda – not visited today

But, on my way up to Hemsedalsfjellet, the weather shifted dramatically and up there was nothing but fog and rain. I decided to just continue home to Sunnmøre (via Sogndal) and be happy with 9 new pf tops in 5 days.

Trip statistics: 4,1km, 340 vertical meters, 58 minutes

Pictures (Canon EOS RP / Iphone8) from the hike:

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