2022 Week 35

Sunnmøre, Indre Sogn, Oslo, Sør-Troms!

Kjøsnesfjorden – seen on my way from Sunnmøre to Sogndal
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP/FP
29.08.22 Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein, Norway WCP
30.08.22 Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein, Norway WCP
31.08.22 Hesteggi 907m 149m Sogndal, Norway WCP
01.09.22 Oslo Oslo, Norway
02.09.22 Lundenesgalten 787m 137m Harstad, Norway FP
03.09.22 Nona 1011m 1011m Harstad, Norway FP
04.09.22 Sandsøy Kystfort Harstad, Norway FP
04.09.22 Veten 212m 212m Harstad, Norway FP
04.09.22 Falkeberget 248m 248m Harstad, Norway FP

Blåtind (697m), Aug 29 2022

Our route up and down Blåtind

Monday: I had a busy week ahead of me, with lots of traveling. But this nice Monday started like it often do – with a hike to one of my local mountains.

After work, it was high time to give the dog a haircut. It’s a long hour of honest work and it’s – an effort.

Afterwards, I chose to hike Blåtind from Havåg. I like this route. It’s almost always dry, when every other trail is wet.

Heading out from Havåg

We were lucky with the weather, although there was still fog lurking on the higher mountains.

Fog on the Vartdal mountains

It’s always nice to be on top of Hareidlandet island. I enjoy the views.

On top of Blåtind

We took the same route back down and while driving back home, I could see 4-5 ticks crawling up my pants. My orange pants. I normally wear orange when I’m in the deer part of the island. The ticks are much easier to spot then.


By the time the evening was over, I had removed 18 ticks (!) from Karma.

Trip statistics: 7,8km, 690 vertical meters, 1h:58m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/ Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

Garnestua (653m), Aug 30 2022

Our route up and down Garnestua

Tuesday: This afternoon, I was going back to Sogndal but had time to give the dog a short walk before taking on the 3,5-hour drive.

I drove up to Løset (Hareidlandet) to hike Garnestua. The trailhead is ~240m and so a hike to the top doesn’t take a long time.

On our way to Garnestua

It was a beautiful day, and I chose to hike in short pants. This is not typical tick terrain. 

Karma overlooking lake Fjellsvatnet

It us to 31 minutes to hike the 420 vertical meters to the top. Which is not impressive, but we were just walking fast.

Almost up. View to lake Mørkevatnet

After some pictures, we returned the same way.

View from Garnestua
View from Garnestua

I then drove non-stop to Sogndal…

Trip statistics: 5,1km, 420 vertical meters, 0h:55m

Hesteggi (907m), Aug 31 2022

My route up and down Hesteggi

Wednesday: Anne was going on a work trip to Gallen (1386m) in Jølster today and brought Karma. I was totally envious but had to work.

After work I decided to hike Hesteggi above Sogndal and had the inspiration to hike *hard*.


I drove to the Kjørnes trailhead (~160m) and headed out.

Heading out from Kjørnes

My personal record (2015) was 44 minutes to the top, and it would be interesting to see the decline after 7 years.

And so, I started *hard* but after 30 seconds I was totally out of steam. I should NOT have eaten 40 minutes before the hike.

Jogging was just out of the question. I just had to walk as fast as I could. The goal was to reach the top within the hour. I hoped that if I could reach Jeskedalen (530m) in 30 minutes, maybe I stood a chance.

Sogndal view from the Hesteggi trail

I passed Jeskedalen after 31 minutes and figured 1 hour would not be enough. But from there I was able to jog – until it got too steep.

On top, not too optimistic about the time…

I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the time on top. 49 minutes! Only 5 minutes behind my 2015 time. And I haven’t been training condition in 4-5 years! This was very inspiring.

View from Hesteggi
View from Hesteggi

I jogged all the way down and was a happy man for the rest of the day. And since I was going to Oslo and northern Norway for the rest of the week, Anne proposed that we should have dinner out. Good idea!

Dinner at La Pergola, Sogndal

Trip statistics: 8km, 760 vertical meters, 1h:30m

Oslo, Sep 1 2022

View from the Opera roof

Thursday: I took the 7:05am flight from Sogndal to Oslo in the morning. I felt lucky, because the 7:05 flight to Bergen didn’t happen as only one of the two planes was able to land at Sogndal airport Haukåsen. It could just as well have been my flight.

From Oslo, I took the airport train to Oslo and joined the 9am meeting at the “The Hub” hotel in Oslo downtown.

Clarion Hotel The Hub

Being at the former Royal Christiania Hotel, all the memories from Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo 1996 came back to me. I was technical responsible for the Virtual Reality setup in Oslo Spektrum, and here at Royal Christiana, I hosted a VR demo studio for all the artists that were performing the next day. They could perform in front of a blue screen and get a video of themselves performing as if it was in a live studio. Big fun!

Our meeting at The Hub ended 5pm and I had 3 hours before going to dinner at Den Glade Gris with my colleagues.

I spent 1,5 of those hours walking about in downtown Oslo. I have not been in Oslo downtown since 1998 – when I moved to Bergen. 24 years…

My 1984 – 1998 years in Oslo were … well, a lot happened in that period. Not something for this blog and I had forgotten about most of it. But when I walked these city streets, the memories came rolling in. That was a very special feeling.

So many memories from my years in Oslo…

But when I got to Bjørvika – the Opera, the Munch Museum, the Deichman library, etc. I felt nothing. Because none of that was around when I lived there.

The Munch museum

But I immediately recognized the ambient noise, the smell (mostly bad), the myriad of people and I remembered why I loved my years in the Capital. I was a city boy. Oslo was my town and no one ever accused me of not taking part of the nightlife…

At the Opera roof

But those days are over. I will never move back to Oslo. When I walked back to the hotel just before 11pm, the city streets smelled puke and poo and were mostly inhabited by drunk people and shady characters.

Oslo downtown

Lundenesgalten, Sep 2 2022

Bent and I on our way to Lundenesgalten

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Nona, Sep 3 2022

Posing on Nona

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Sandsøy Kystfort, Sep 4 2022

In the tunnels below Sandsøy Kystfort

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Veten, Sep 4 2022

Bent on Veten

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Falkeberget, Sep 4 2022

Bent on Falkeberget

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