Loppenosi, Aug 22 2021

In the Lærdal – Årdal mountains

Enjoying route-finding on the way down from Loppenosi


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
22.08.21 Loppenosi 1621m 282m Lærdal/Årdal, Norway MAP
Our route across Loppenosi

Sunday: On this beautiful Sunday in August, we sat course for Filefjell – one of the mountain ranges dividing eastern and western Norway. Today, we would be visiting Loppenosi, and given the mountain road (not open to the public) we brought our bikes for easier access.

We’re on our way!

We started out from the large parking area between the Smeddalsvatnet lakes and headed up the mountain road.

A convenient way to cover some distance…

This is a great area for both hiking and skiing. A few years ago, we skied to Berdalseken from the same trailhead.

Looking back on the trailhead – between the lakes

Following a mountain road isn’t that much fun, but at least it allows for quicker access to the mountain. And now, the interesting question was – where do we begin hiking?


After 6,5km of biking, we found a convenient ascent route – close to the drain from Fagerskartjørnane.

Now, on foot!

Once we had passed 1400m elevation, the hiking was easy, and we could just enjoy the walk up the mountain.

In rocky terrain, on our way to Loppenosi

Rocks had to be climbed

Can’t just pass…

Gradually, we got better and better views.

Soon on the ridge to the top

And finally, we got to the top of Loppenosi

And here we are!

I enjoy this terrain. I will be back several times to hike mountains in the neighborhood.

View towards Raudbergsnuten and Berdalseken

In the distance, we could see Jotunheimen peaks, rising above lake Bygdin.

Jotunheimen peaks

We decided to descend the west ridge. We didn’t know if it was possible, but we would find out…

This is going well…

It was steep terrain, but with some route-finding, the descent was easy enough.

Almost down on the mountain road

Once back down on the mountain road, we had 2,4km back to the bikes.

On bike, taking it easy so Karma doesn’t get a shoulder issue…

At the trailhead, we spent some time having fun by the river.

Anne is examining her options…

A fine day in the Lærdal – Årdal mountains!

And back in Sogndal – celebration at the Vågal restaurant…

Best burgers in town…

Trip statistics: 6,8km on foot, 13,3km on bike, 790 vertical meters, 4h:26m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 8) from the trip:

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