Gravolskampen and Stryteberg, Mar 21 2016

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality
Oledalsbrynane 1263m 53m Øystre Slidre
Gravolskampen 1281m 118m Øystre Slidre
Stryteberg 1307m 134m Øystre Slidre
Knausehøgdi 1120m 61m Øystre Slidre
Our route from Gardli to Beitostølen

Our 3rd day at Beitostølen was an overcast day but at least the cold wind had gone away. So today, Anne and me decided to ski Gravolskampen (1281m). We drove up to Gardli where RV51 was closed for the winter and paid NOK 80,- in parking fee.

We aimed for the ridge towards Oledalsbrynane and found that the snow was hard as rock and thus, perfect for our dog Karma. We skied across Oledalsbrynane (1263m), crossed some small, frozen lakes before we reached Gravolskampen summit. To our delight, there was no wind and we definitely wouldn’t have traded the current conditions for sunshine and a cold wind.

Anne and Karma on Gravolskampen (1281m)

After a short stay on Gravolskampen, we skied down to Lake Gravolstjernet and discussed what to do next. So far, we had only skied 7,6km and we wanted to do more skiing. So we agreed to head for Stryteberg. We crossed Gravolstjernet and skied down to Lake Vinstre and followed the prepared ski-tracks up to the pass between Olefjellet and Svoloberget. From here, we went off-trail in the direction of Stryteberg. The icy crust did no longer carry Karma’s weight and we put on socks to protect her paws. 3,5 hours after leaving Gardli, we arrived on the summit on Stryteberg.

Anne and Karma on Stryteberg (1310m)

A ski track ran nearby the summit, so we decided to follow it. It took us back to the pass between Olefjellet and Svoloberget and we followed it back to (close to ) Gravolstjernet, where we turned left and headed for Gardli via Olekinn and Oledalen. 1km away from Gardli, Anne and I took different routes; Anne went to Gardli to pick up the car while I skied across Knausehøgdi and descended to our hotel via the slalom slope. We arrived at the hotel almost at the same time.

Trip statistics:

27,9km, 890 vertical meters, 6 hours.

Pictures from the trip:

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