Lushaugen, Mar 24 2016

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality
Lushaugen 812m 299m Gran/Hurdal
Lushaugen, 812m

After 4 days on Beitostølen, we moved our “easter base camp” to Hov by Randsfjorden and enjoyed warm hospitality at our friends Eva and Bjørn’s home.

The goal for today was a ski-trip to Lushaugen – the highest point in the municipality of Gran, and also the highest point in the greater region to the south – Østfold, Vestfold, Oslo and Akershus. Fjellsjøkampen in Akershus is only 14cm higher, but is located slightly northeast of Lushaugen.

Along with Anne, Karma and myself came Eva. Bjørn has a knee injury and can barely walk. We drove to Lygna – a place that none of us had done any skiing or walking before. This area offered a number of cross-country ski-tracks and we decided to do a round trip across Lushaugen.

Our round trip across Lushaugen

For the first time in a long time, I skied on cross-country skis. Anne had prepared them for me, but the vax didn’t give me a firm grip. Hence, the 3,8km trip up to Lushaughytta cabin (713m) was hard.

From the cabin, we skied up the summer path (0,6km) and none of us were looking forward to ski down the forest on our cross-country skis. But it was nice to reach the high point!

Karma, Anne and Eva on Lushaugen

The descent back to the cabin was challenging. But we all made it down safe and sound, and could enjoy coffee and waffles at Lushaughytta.

Enjoying the good life on Lushaughytta

From Lushaughytta, we followed the track that runs on the east side of Lake Grevsjøen. The maxium speed was 35km/h, which was … interesting … with unfamiliar skis, stuck in a track and a dog running behind me that I had to control in case we met other skiers with dogs on the way up. But it was fun. Damn fun!

Trip statistics:

12,2km, 274 vertical meters, 2h:15m.

Pictures from the trip:


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