Øyrahornet, Apr 7 2016

The “Trail Patrol” is rolling again…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Øyrahornet 417m 42m Herøy Map

I am a foot soldier in “Turstiprosjektet Myrvåg/Tjørvåg” – a group consisting of 6 volunteers, whose goal is to develop and mark paths in our local area, put up signposts, mailboxes on the tops, provide maps and information on various web-sites. In 2015, we marked 25 kilometers of trails with sticks and now’s the time to check if they survived the winter and the storms.

This afternoon, I went up to Øyrahornet above Tjørvåg to check the sticks. Of all the 52 sticks I put up there last year, only 4 needed special attention.

On the way to Øyrahornet

Near the top, we’ve put up a bench – for no other reason that this is my favorite viewpoint on Gurskøya island. And based on the feedback we get, others feel the same way.

Come on!!!

Even in cloudy weather, the views are pretty awesome…

Øyrahornet bench view

Upon descent, I took an off-trail route down the mountain. It was pretty steep and only the deer are going here…

A steep descent

I ended up down by a few houses and I was pretty sure I was observed. I could hear them say “what is this guy – walking with a hammer and a chisel doing here?” And SURE ENOUGH, a man that was outdoors came up to me and nodded against my hammer and chisel with question marks in his eyes. I explained my mission and we had a long and nice chat…

Trip statistics: 4,1km, 400 vertical meters, 1h:40m

Pictures from the trip:

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