Ursfjellet (Vasstrandegga), Apr 6 2016

Just before the rain sat in…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Loc. Link
Ursfjellet 563m 213m Ålesund/ Skodje Map WCP
Ursfjellet/Vasstrandegga seen from Liafjellet (2008)

On Wednesdays, I work in Ålesund. So it’s natural to visit the mountains in this region after work. Today’s target was Ursfjellet – also known as Vasstrandegga. Or Vasstrandfjellet, depending on which map you look at. On one map, this top is also called Hundsfjellet.

I had pictured a nice and easy hike from Brusdalsvatnet, along Fjellvegen road up to Langevatnet and then along the mountain path up to the high point. I didn’t expect much snow, but MAN – was I wrong. I had only hiked for 5 minutes before I ran into snow on the road to Langevatnet.

Very disappointing. Should have brought skis!

So the ascent got far more strenuous than I had anticipated. Fortunately, I had brought gaiters. But when I startet my ascent up from Langevatnet, there was much less snow – simply because there wasn’t a forest to block for the sun.

The high point is seen in the distance

The route from the parking and to the top is 4,5km. Today, those kilometeres were hard and I was very determined NOT to return the same way. No matter where I ended up.

Summit panorama

The odd thing about this summit is that belongs to Skodje (municipality), while the ÅlesundSkodje border runs 80 meters to the west. So if I am not mistaken, Ålesund is the only municipality in Møre og Romsdal county where the high point is not a mountain top.

Anyway, I had to figure out a new route for descent. I hiked over to Gråsteinsegga (548m) and looked for a route down the forest. I saw snow everywhere, but as it was somewhat steep down the forest, it wouldn’t be too cumbersome. I assumed I would end up somewhere near the end of the old road (closed to cars) down by Brusdalsvatnet.

The descent was much easier than I had feared. As soon as I had crossed the first snow fields, there was hardly any snow left in the forest.

A good descent

Once I got down to the old road, I had easy an 1,4km walk back to the car. Karma enjoyed herself every step of the way – either rolling in the snow or looking for deer in the forest.

Just when we reached the car, it started to rain – as promised by the forecast.

Today’s route

Trip Statistics: 8,6km, 590 vertical meters, 2 hours

Pictures from the hike:



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