Blåtind & Haddalshornet, Apr 4 2016

Fun day…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein Map
Haddalshornet 611m 103m Ulstein Map

I had two free hours between finishing work and this afternoon’s voluntary work for the local group that develops and marks trails on the northern side of Gurskøys island. And those two hours was all I needed for a hike across Blåtind and  Haddalshornet. In great contrast to Saturday, this was a sunny hike with no winds and the trip was most excellent from start to finish. I was also able to check that my mental age still is the low twenties…

But the best part of this trip is always to reach the summit of Blåtind and enjoy the Sunnmørsalpane mountain range – a significant part of what Slingsby referred to as “the Northern Playground”

Blåtind panorama

Pictures from the hike:


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