Kalvedalsegga, Apr 3 2016

Another Sunday “joy ride”

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Kalvedalsegga 1461m 87m Stranda Map

This peak does neither have a map name or a map height. The west ridge is named Kvanngrønakken and the east ridge is named Kalvedalsegga. A Norwegian web-site for peakbaggers has chosen Kalvedalsegga as the name and has given it a height of 1475m. That’s quite unconvential when the highest contour (20m) is 1460m and is less than 30 meters wide at the summit point. I figured I would have to go up there with my GPS and make up my own mind. After all, I am of the curious kind…

Video clip from the descent:

I drove to Tronstad and parked by the bus stop. This area was familiar to me as I had skied Lianibba (1500m) – the neighbour peak – this February. I followed old ski tracks up to Tronstadsætra and Karma was extremely happy about these tracks. If she stepped off them, she would find herself swimming in the soft snow. But after Tronstadsætra, the snow was much firmer.

Today’s route to Kalvedalsegga. Lianibba to the right.

On our way up the mountain, I came across a woman who was in the middle of a toilet visit and I quickly decided to take a different route up the mountain. “What ARE the odds?” she must have been thinking. I never met her later on the mountain.

At approx. 1140m, we came to the hillside below Kvanngrønakken that was steep enough to cause serious problems if the snow had been icy. And while the snow was indeed hard in this hill, I was JUST able to get the proper grip with my skis.

Almost on top of the steep hillside

The rest of the trip up to the summit point was easy, but I had to pay close attention to Karma and the north-facing cornices. We arrived on the summit 1h:45m after leaving Tronstad. The distance to the top was 5,4km spread across 1100 vertical meters.

On top of Kalvedalsegga

The view from this altitude in this mountain region is just stunning. To the south is the glacier country – Jostedalsbreen glacier and others. To the north is the rugged Sunnmørsalpane mountain range. I was right in the middle of two incredible mountain regions.

Parts of the Sunnmørsalpane mountain range

Next, it was time for GPS measurements. Relying on the satellite reading, this peak is approx. 1461m. In other words, not even close to 1475m. Does it matter? To us nerds it does. This peak should NOT be on the Stranda municipality’s list of peaks with a primary factor of 100 meters. I gave it a primary factor of 87 meters, given that the lowest point on the ridge to Lianibba is 1374m, as the map says.

The “parent” peak – Lianibba

Having finished off the nerd stuff, it was time for the highlight of the day – the descent. The very upper part of the mountain was no big fun, due to wind-packed snow (Sastrugi) mixed with blue ice.

But once we got past the steep hillside below Kvanngrønakken, the descent was just pure delight. Karma was actually able to keep up with me until we approached Tronstadsætra – where the snow was a little bit softer.

All in all, it was a yet another FINE day in the fjord country!

Trip statistics: 11,1km, 1155 vertical meters, 2h:45m

Pictures from the trip:

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