Lidaveten, May 8 2016

Short hike, great views!

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location Link
Lidaveten 592m 439m Volda GPX WCP

I really do enjoy this mountain top. It’s a short distance to the top (2,2km) and you’re rewarded with fabulous views towards the Sunnmøre alps.

Part of the view from Lidaveten

The summit belongs to Volda municipality, but the Volda/Ørsta border runs only 165 meters east of the top. Far beneath runs the Eiksund tunnel, which connects the Ytre Sunnmøre islands with the mainland. The tunnel is a huge blessing for us in “the outer rim”, as I refer to the islands south of Ålesund.

Anne, Karma (my dog) and I were on our way from Oldedalen to Gurskøy after a fantastic weekend with friends at a rented cabin in Oldedalen. This was the warmest day so far in 2016, and the temperature was 23,5 Celsius at peak. We did a nice walk up to Gløvre in Oldedalen in the morning, but I was in need for one more walk and decided to pay Lidaveten a visit. Anne decided to sit this one out, so it would just be Karma and I.

We drove up to the start of the forest road just before Eidem and Anne picked a grassy spot where she could read her book.

Karma is ready for a new hike

I hadn’t been jogging so far this year, and I figured I could start today. Man, am I out of jogging shape! But at least I was able to jog, walk and keep on repeating this until we reached the really, really steep ridge trail.

On the ridge trail to Lidaveten

The T-shirt was long gone and Karma’s tongue seemed longer than ever before. It was such a hot day! When we reached the top, Karma took immediate cover in the shade by the summit cairn. She paid no notice to the family of four, enjoying their lunch. Not paying attention to potential “give-aways” says all about how warm it was for her.

Karma, in the shade

I only stopped for the pictures and jogged all the way down. The 460 vertical meter descent took only 15 minutes and Anne was not reading a book, but far, far away in dreamer’s land.

Wakey wakey!

Pictures from the trip:


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