Press: Regionavisa, May 11 2016

Seemingly a popular photo…

Every now and then I take a picture that seems to become popular in the Norwegian tourist industry. The below picture was taken by my girlfriend taken in 2010, on a trip to Kattanakken. This was our first trip together in the beauutiful Oldedalen, and it was kind of funny that it hit the local newspaper Regionavisa (covering 12 municipalities in Møre and Romsdal county) yesterday, just after our 2nd trip to Oldedalen – last weekend.

We have previously released this picture for use by tourism in the Nordfjord region, so I was totally unaware of this hitting the newspaper…

Regionavisa, May 11 2016

Another picture that has been heavily used for tourism in northern Norway is a picture I took of Anne on the island Vega (Nordland county) in 2010. Seemingly, 2010 was a good year for me and photography! This picture was also a part of the new map for Vega.


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