Gløvre, May 8 2016

A spectactular route up to Oldeskaret

Places visited:

Place Distance Municipality Location
Gløvre (Oldeskaret) 4km (total) Stryn GPX

It was time to check out from our rented cabin at Melkevoll Bretun in Oldedalen. Or friends Cathrine and Lars had an 8-hour drive to Tønsberg ahead of them and decided not to join us on this morning hike.

So it was just Anne, me and Karma. Anne wanted to show me the trail towards Oldeskaret, which has undergone restoration by Nepalese sherpas. As she had been in charge of this restoration project, it was only natural that she was eager to get me up there.

I didn’t expect more than the usual well laid rock-steps, like on the trail to Skålatårnet. The main difference was this trail ran in steep terrain. But then we got to a massive wall and Anne suddenly disappeared inside it!

We had just arrived at Gløvre – a huge crack at the front of the massive wall. Wow! What a piece of art by nature!


We continued up the trail and passed the point where the sherpas had finished their work. This route goes all the way up to the Oldeskaret pass – the watersched between Stardalen in Jølster and Oldedalen in Stryn. But we turned around at approx. 700 meters due to snow.

It was indeed a nice walk, and I recommend it strongly to anyone who have some spare time in Oldedalen. Why take the walk to the Briksdalsbreen glacier and only see the lower part when you can get to see all of it from up here?

Briksdalsbreen glacier

Pictures from the trip:

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