Instengegga, Aug 15 2016

Back in beautiful Jølster

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Instengegga 1301m 287m Jølster / Gloppen GPX
Vardefjellet (north top) 1182m 52m Jølster / Gloppen

Yet another drive from Sogndal to Sunnmøre, after a nice weekend with my girlfriend Anne. As always, I try to do a hike along the way, weather permitted.

Today, I had set my eyes on Instengegga (also known as Langebotnsegga) in Jølster. As the trailhead in Helgheimsdalen is at 560m, it seemed like a “walk in the park”.  It also seemed that Instengegga was just below the fog. The higher peaks in the region had fog from 1300m and up.

Instengegga in the background

So if I could just find the right trailhead! I accidentally got on the toll road to Husstøylen – and the forest road was both steep and rough and with two cattle gates along the way. I didn’t realize my mistake until I reached Husstøylen and looked down on Helgeheimsstøylen 1,6km to the northwest (the above picture).

Should I just start the hike from here? No, I wasn’t in mood for that, and drove back down to the highway. Only NOK 25,- wasted in toll fare. No worries. Back on the main road, I managed to take another wrong exit, but I got the third one right and drove up to the parking 0,5km south of Helgheimsstøylen.

This road has some challenges. Cows in the road, being on them. A partial rough road being another. But I’ve been up here two times before (so I should really know the right turn by now…) so I knew what I could expect.

The Norwegian forest road challenge….

Karma and I headed out 4:25pm and followed the marked path north towards the Vasskaret pass. Just before the pass, the – or another – marked path turned west in direction of point 1074m.

Helgheimsstøylen. Vasskaret in centre, background

Now I was on the ridge proper and followed the marked path up to Vardefjellet. From here, it was an easy walk across the ridge – towards the pass between Vardefjellet and Instengegga.

Across Vardefjellet. Instengegga in the background

From the pass, we had 170 vertical meters to ascent before we stood on top of Instengegga – below the fog! It feels SO GOOD to reach a new mountain top, and that is probably the main reason for why I do this all year around.

Summit view from Instengegga

I was now on the Jølster / Gloppen border and enjoyed the (partial) views towards the peaks that I have yet not been to; Skjorta, Botnafjellet, Instengfjellet, Litlebottsegga, Gotdalsnipa, to name a few. The thought of visiting all these peaks makes the 3 hours drive from Sogndal to Sunnmøre worth while!

Summit view from Instengegga

My descent went down Steinbotnegga. Almost 2km in a straight line down the ridge until I left the ridge and found a slightly cumbersome route into the lower part of Langebotn – and down to the river south of Helgheimsstøylen.

We were back at the car 6:49pm2h:25m after leaving the car. The total distance was 9,5km and the total vertical gain was approx. 820m.

The route

Pictures from the trip:

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