Sollia, Aug 16 2016

A good mountain run…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Sollia 661m 661m Herøy / Sande GPX
View from near Holmavatnet

It was a gorgeous day in western Norway and I decided to jog from Leikongeidet to the top of Sollia. This is the highest point on Gurskøya island. The distance to the top is 5,3km, across 550 vertical meters. My personal record from 2016 was 47m:02s, and the ambition was to beat this time, although I didn’t really believe in it. I’ve only been jogging 2-3 times so far this year, due to a bad knee.

My round trip run/hike

Unfortunately, the path was boggy and I spent a lot of energy just keeping balance and momentum. However, I got good help from flying ants, covering – and hovering above – every single rock from Leikongeidet and up to the first pass. As I didn’t want them all over me, I had to keep the pace up.

It was a strenuous run, mostly due to bad preparations; straight from work without any thing to drink and no warm-up. In addition, it was a really hot day.

I arrived on the summit 47m:38s after heading out – 35 seconds behind my time from 2015. The comfort is that I can cut those 35 seconds with better preparations and a dry path.

Summit view from Sollia
Summit view from Sollia

Upon descent, I took the other route around Holmevatnet before I joined my ascent route. It was a nice hike, and my 11th visit to Sollia in 2016.


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