Skardsfjella, Nørdre Langsvola, July 21 2019

Two nice hikes on a not so good weather day

Skardsfjella (Picture taken the day before)

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Skardsfjella 1529m 451m Tydal, Norway
Nørdre Langsvola 957m 164m Tydal, Norway


Sunday: This was our 2nd day at Nedalshytta, from which we hiked Storsylen the day before. The weather this Sunday wasn’t as great as the day before, and it seemed to start raining at any given moment. Yet we decided to hike Skardsfjella, and take whatever the weather had in store for us.

Our route up and down Skardsfjella

We drove approx. 6km from Nedalshytta to the foot of Skardsfjella on the north side. Our plan was to hike up the northeast ridge and find a different route for descent.

Ready to go!

The weather seemed to hold for a while and we headed up the northeast ridge – an easy, off-trail route. The wind was however quite strong, and we had to dress accordingly.

On our way up a windy mountain

As we gained elevation, we agreed that we should descend in the valley below us. The slabs along the river looked very cool to follow.

The valley we would be descending in

After a while, the summit came into view. The upper terrain was more rocky than we had went through so far, but by no means cumbersome.

Closing in on the top

It took us roughly 2 hours to reach the top. It was really nice to reach a top of this altitude on a day where the weather forecast was slightly grim.

On top of Skardsfjella

Upon descent, we aimed for the agreed valley and fortunately, the slabs were dry and friendly.

Heading down…

After a while, it started raining and I put my camera in the backpack. We reached the car without being soaking wet, and it looked like the rain was about to pass any time soon…

Fun routefinding down the slabs…

Trip statistics: 10,6km, 650 vertical meters, 3h:25m

Pictures (Canon 80D/Iphone6) from the trip:

Nørdre Langsvola

Our route to and from Nørdre Langsvola

Instead of returning to Nedalshytta, we drove down to Stugudalen and then to Ysteosen along RV705. Anne had found me an easy mountain, knowing I would be twice as happy with two new tops in the bag, opposed to one…

There had been some kind of event in Stugudalen the night before. A guy was selling breathalyzers from a van by the local store. And he was still at it (with customers) when we returned around 3pm in the afternoon. Better safe than sorry…

On our way to Ysteosen, we saw a car outside the road, totally wrecked. It wasn’t there the day before. I seriously hoped that this wasn’t an accident caused by alcohol.

In any case, Anne wanted to sit this hike out, and decided to relax in the car while Karma and I went for Nørdre Langsvola.

See you in a bit…

I quickly found a path that took us in the right direction.

So far, so good!

After 1,1km, I concluded that the path would NOT take us to the top, and I adjusted the course. I was seemingly not the first one doing just that, as I found a vague track leading to the top.

On top of Nørdre Langsvola

The views from the top were not amazing, but at least I could “tick off” another top with a prominence of at least 100m.

Not very exciting views…

Karma and I jogged back to the car, although it feels wrong to use the term “jog” for a dog. But you know what I mean. She followed me.

Anne was sound asleep and was confused about us returning so quickly. It had only been 35 minutes since we left…

We had a good pace down the mountain, taking short-cuts and all…

Back at Nedalshytta, we looked forward to dinner and I prepared for another night in the tent with Karma. As it was Sunday, there were fewer guests at the cabin, and I guess we could have moved to a room were dogs were allowed, without risking late arrivals. But, I had grown accustomed to the tent by now, and it seemed the dog also had. And, I suspect that Anne was quite happy in her room, all by herself…

Sleep tight! See you in the morning…

Trip statistics: 3,2km, 150 vertical meters, 35 minutes

Pictures (Iphone6) from the trip:

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