Storsylen, Vardberget, July 20 2019

Finally! Storsylen!

En route to Storsylen

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Storsylen 1762m 647m Tydal, Norway
Vardberget 1096m 117m Tydal, Norway

Saturday: The day was finally here! We were getting ready for the Storsylen hike. This was a mountain that had been on my mind ever since I started hiking in 1998. I’m not really sure why, but I liked the name and the fact that it was on the Swedish border. Plus, far, far away in a part of Norway that I didn’t know at all.

The weather was OK, albeit the higher mountains (like Storsylen) had fog. We hoped the fog would lift during the day. I had spent the night in the tent with Karma, while Anne had the (expensive) room at Nedalshytta all to herself. You can read why here

After breakfast, it was time to head out.

Heading out from Nedalshytta

I have to say – the path up the forest was most excellent. When we got to the mountain plateau, our shoes (not boots) were as dry as when we left.

Kudos to the people building this walkway!

The fog was still present, but we had high hopes that the wind would blow the fog away. Preferably to Sweden…

Anne is using here magic finger to send the fog somewhere else…

As we moved on up the mountain, good things started to happen higher up…

The clouds have started moving…

After 6,2km, we came to the fork where we had to turn right for Storsylen. The path we were previously on continued to Storerikvollen. We now had course for the main valley, with Storsylen above – now without fog!

Into the main valley

It was altogether a beautiful day and a beautiful walk. We were wondering where the route up the mountain went, and we didn’t figure that out before we reached lake Syltjønna and saw people moving up the mountain. The route looked quite steep, but unproblematic.

The route runs up to the left in this picture

Along the way, we passed some reindeer which seemed quite comfortable with humans around…


The main thing to worry about during the ascent is rock fall. Either caused by yourself or by others. But as the route traverses after you’ve hiked the bottom moraine, the risk is greatly reduced.

At the end of the moraine, about to traverse to the right

Eventually, we reached the ridge – which marked the end of the “hard part”. There would only be joy from here…

On the ridge. Only the final part to the top is left now…

Soon after, we passed “Grenserøys nr. 155 B“, which marks the Norwegian – Swedish border.

The Norwegian – Swedish border marker

On our way upwards, we met a large Swedish group that was heading back to Sylstasjonen. After looking around a bit, we discovered it – some 4km to the northeast.

Sylstasjonen is seen slightly left of center in this picture

12:16pm, we reached the top of Storsylen – 3h:45m after heading out from Nedalshytta. It was really nice to be up here, given the many, many years I’ve thought about coming here!

On Storsylen. Karma was not in her usual photo-mode here…

It would have been fun to do the traverse (Syltraversen) over to Storsola (1710m). But we had checked this out on beforehand and concluded that this would not be possible with a dog. The route looked pretty straightforward from our position, except for the direct descent from Storsylen – which required exposed scrambling or a rappel. But I suppose there could be more to it, parts we didn’t see, etc.

The ridge to Storsola

We hung around on the top for a while, chatting with other people and just enjoyed the day and the views.

On Storsylen

It was tempting to return via Nordsylen, but we were a bit worried about the subsequent river crossing later on, and decided to return along our ascent route.

Anne – crossing the creek in the main valley

Then we went separate ways. Anne headed back to Nedalshytta while Karma and I headed towards Vardberget.


It was a 2,8km meadow crossing across partly dry and party wet land, but less agonizing than I had expected it to be. And at 2:40pm, I could add another top to my “account”.

Karma on Vardberget, with Storsylen in the background

From Vardberget, we headed south until we joined the main trail just east of point 1030m.

On our way from Vardberget. Nice off-trail hiking!

Back at Nedalshytta, we had time to relax before dinner. Anne in our expensive room, and Karma and me in the tent. The mosquito problem was still bad around the cabin, so moving Karma to the car was still out of the question.

Karma – very relaxed in the tent.

The dinner was of course the highlight of the evening. The cabin staff introduced the 3-meal course as they always do and served a nice meal that was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Trip statistics: 26,1km, 1300 vertical meters, 8 hours

Pictures (Canon 80D/Iphone6) from the trip:


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