Skomohatten, Kaukarpallen, Aug 6 2020

Summer vacation, day 19

Continued from day 18

Skomohatten (left on the rocky ridge)
Tops and places visited
Peak/Place Height PF Location
Skomhatten 178m 10m Brønnøy, Norway
Bjønnskarheia 228m 30m Brønnøy, Norway

On our way home, but stopping at mom’s place in Brønnøysund for a day. The weather today was not inspiring at all, but we could just not sit around at home. We’re not that kind of people.

Mom mentioned Skomohatten – where she never had been before. So that’s became our target for the day.

Our route today

We parked at Mølnusvollen below Skomohatten and followed the path up the valley. When we were just below the top, I said that we could just go straight up. I’m not sure what mom’s plan was (if any), but this was clearly not it. Although steep, we didn’t have any problems getting up to the ridge.

Steep ascent

This was by any means not an impressive top. But, it was a named point and now we were here.

On Skomohatten – for the first time (for all of us)

None of us felt like going down the same way, so we continued along the ridge. Somehow, I was confident that we could get to the other side of the valley.

Along the ridge – in the direction of Guromannen

I think mom likes to go hiking with me. She pretends she doesn’t like obstacles, but I’m pretty sure she does.

Easy, but exposed

Once across the valley, we had to decide what to do. Return or move on? Mom suggested we should go to “Kaukarpallen” – which I think is in the “preacher’s chair” alley with respect to the name. I could foresee a rock sticking out of a cliff. Or something like that.

Where we were heading

It was constantly raining, but that didn’t bother us too much. We passed approx. 240m elevation before we got to “Kaukarpallen“. I didn’t understand the name vs. the place. We were in the middle of bushes!

At “Kaukarpallen”

I had hoped that we would be able to descend to the lower plateau from here, but it was simply not possible. At least not in a safe way. We just have to return the way we came.

Dead end

On our way back, I found something that could resemble a speaker’s platform

hear, hear…

I enjoyed being outdoors and suggested to the others that we could hike across Bjønnskarheia (228m) on our way back.

Bjønnskarheia ahead

No one had any objections and we all got ourselves a new (and minor) top.

On Bjønnskarheia

But we weren’t quite done yet. Mom said there was a “Gapahuk” nearby. Which we had to visit of course.

The Gapahuk

Afterwards, we all wanted to go home and get some dry clothes on!

Master climber Anne

Trip statistics: 7,4km, 450 vertical meters, 3h:16m

Pictures from the trip (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8):

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