Vassfjellet & Nonshøe, Aug 7-8 2020

Summer vacation, day 20 & 21 – the final report

Continued from day 19

Torghatten outside Brønnøysund
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location
07.08.2020 Vassfjellet 711m 530m Melhus, Norway
08.08.2020 Nonshøe 1133m 118m Dovre, Norway

Vassfjellet (710m), Aug 7 2020

We left Brønnøysund early morning and noticed to our delight that the weather was changing to the better.

We took the Vennesund – Holm ferry, as we had already driven across Tosenfjellet to and from Brønnøysund three times this summer. RV17 was much less crowded road this late in summer, which we both appreciated. I stopped the car at Foldereid to get a picture of the sky reflecting in the fjord.

On Foldereid Bru

It was time to think about where we should be walking the dog today. As always, there were multiple factors involved in finding the right place to go. Today, the choice was easy and I proposed that we should hike Vassfjellet. Anne was in!

There are many ways to hike this mountain, but we chose to drive to the skiing centre.

Towards the skiing centre

According to the map, it was just a matter of walking up the skiing slopes and find paths above.

Towards the slopes

We found the path and all of a sudden, Anne was rocket girl on the trail!

Wait for me!

She kept a pace very much out of the ordinary. It is not often she has days like this on the trail and I did certainly want to ruin the moment by turning this into a race.

Good job, Anne!

It was nice to be up here. I’ve thought about visiting this top many, many times – passing through Trondheim. But now we were here, and I can set my eyes on other targets in this region – for the next time.

On top of Vassfjellet

We took a different route down from the upper mountain and joined our ascent route at the skiing slopes. It was a very nice hike!

Heading down Vassfjellet

Back at the RV, we sat course for Dovrefjell and found a spot just a few meters away from the place we camped 20 days earlier – at Hjerkinn. The day couldn’t get much better when Anne served Sour Cream Porridge. Oh yeah! My favorite!

You’re the best!

Trip statistics: 7km, 520 vertical meters, 2h:14m

Pictures from the trip (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8):

Nonshøe (1133m), Aug 8 2020


Our route to Nonshøe

The next day, we chose a morning hike and then drive non-stop back to my place on Sunnmøre. The choice fell on Nonshøe. The trailhead was just a 10-minute drive from where we had camped.

The plan was to bike up to Heimskardet and hike off-trail from there.

Here we go!

After a little while we entered Hjerkinnholen nature reserve. Being a park ranger, Anne’s heart beats a little faster every time she enters a protected area.

Leash on!

4km after heading out, we parked the bike and had a nice 1,3km off-trail hike through a small birch forest and up to the top.

Our last top on this summer vacation

What a nice start to the day! I guess I could have been on the road for one more week, but we were now set for going back to our normal lives. After returning to the car, we drove non-stop to Gurskøya. Anne would continue to Sogndal the next day, as she had to return the car.

2000m peaks seen from Nonshøe

I want to thank Anne and Karma for 3 fantastic weeks. I would also thank my mom for a most excellent base-camp in Brønnøysund, Ivar Sandland for great guiding to Hamarøyskaftet, Janne and Inge for great company on Vågakallen and Marcus for fun company on Reinebringen!

Trip statistics: 9,3km, 300 vertical meters, 1h:36m

Pictures from the trip (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8):

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