Røysdalsnuten, Blomtjønneggin, Bruskor, Sep 9 2021

Autumn break, day 5

Our route across Røysdalsnuten and Blomtjønneggin


Peak Height PF Municipality
Røysdalsnuten 1291 594m Notodden/ Seljord, Norway
Blomtjønneggin 1231m 154m Seljord, Norway
Bruskor 400m 136m Midt-Telemark, Norway

Continued from day 4

Røysdalsnuten (1291m), Blomtjønneggin (1231m)

4 of the 6 pf100 tops that I had set my eyes on, during our stay in a rented cabin on Lifjell was already “in the bag”. As Anne wanted a full day at the cabin, I saw the opportunity to visit the final 2 – Røysdalsnuten and Blomtjøneggin. As a bonus, Røysdalsnuten was the highest top on the main Lifjell massif if you don’t count Mælefjell – on the other side of Grunningsdalen. It was a beautiful day and I looked forward to the hike!

Early morning, cabin view

It was a fairly short drive from to Seljord (30km) and then I took the toll road to Grimås. After a while, exciting terrain came into view.

Grimaren (?) seen from the road to Grimås

The parking area at the trailhead (760m) was HUGE. The trail map didn’t show a path along Røysdalstjørnan lakes but that’s where I planned to go anyway.

Grimås trailhead

And then we got going…

On our way to the mountain

After 0,7km there is a “Grimaren/Røysdalsnuten” signpost and we turned left and into a different valley. This path brought to Røysdalstjørnan and Røysdalsnuten looked quite far away.  I had to recalibrate my inner map as I knew that it was more than 5km to the top (from the trailhead) and we had barely walked half that distance.

Still a bit to go…

But Røysdalsnuten came closer and closer by the minute.

Closing in on Røysdalsnuten

It was a really hot day and for the first time in years, Karma took a voluntary swim.

Well deserved!

And now, the top wasn’t far away!

Almost there…

I was really happy to get to the top of Røysdalsnuten. The terrain felt quite different from the terrain we had hiked in – on the east side of the Lifjell massif.

On top of Røysdalsnuten

After enjoying the views for a couple of minutes I started to plan our route to Blomtjønneggin.


The shortest route – straight down to lake Store Tjorbutjørni and then straight up to Blomtjønneggi was the most tempting one. The terrain was overall easy to hike in.

Blomtjønneggin in center

There were paths everywhere. Some traveled by humans, the majority by sheep.

By Store Tjorbutjørni

And soon we stood on our 2nd top for the day!

On top of Blomtjønneggin with Røysdalsnuten in the background

It was time to head back down and I chose an easy off-trail route that would connect us to the main trail just west of Vesle Tjorbutjørni.

Aiming for the main trail

Skorve – above Seljord – looked really tempting. Maybe we’ll come back one day!

Skorve above Seljord

Trip statistics: 13,2km, 800 vertical meters, 3h:54m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8) from the trip:

Bruskor (400m)


On my way back to , I spoke with Anne who was enjoying herself at the cabin. We agreed that I could do one more top (of the lower sort) before she expected me back. As I would literally drive past the Bruskor trailhead I decided to pay this top a visit.

Our route up and down Bruskor

Kudos to those who are marking paths in this region. Every trailhead I’ve been to so far have had signposts and a map!

Bruskor trailhead (at/near Forberg)

We followed the main path for a little while until a signpost sent us on a separate path to Bruskor. This path was slightly overgrown but also had some slab sections that were highly appreciated!

Enjoying the slabs!

After passing 300m (elev.) we came to a fork that pointed to Bruskor in both directions. I chose to go right and soon came to a long stairway that felt more like a ladder. But Karma is not easily scared!

Good girl!

Soon, the trees vanished and we had a nice view towards and the surrounding region.

Nice viewpoint!

This was my first encounter with deer flies. At first, I thought it was massive tick attack, but then I discovered that the buggers had wings and started to think about hjortelusflue (Lipoptena cervi). Bastards!

The high point was marked by a trig. point. As they don’t have the same weather as we do in western Norway, this trig. point was still standing.

The Bruskor high point

Upon descent, we took a different route back to the aforementioned fork. We passed through some really cool terrain along the way.

Fun terrain!

After the hike I drove to lake Uvdalstjørna and took a good swim to get any deer flies (if any) off my body. They’re really aggressive and don’t respect intimate zones. Karma also had to take a swim, just to be on the safe side.

Continued on day 6

Trip statistics: 4,2km, 330 vertical meters, 1h:18m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8) from the trip:

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