Skjeltrene, June 23 2023

Yet another new top on Filefjell…



Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
23.06.23 Skjeltrene 1393m 179m Vang, Norway MAP

Our hike up and down Skjeltrene

Friday: We had been invited to spend midsummer’s eve with friends at their cabin above Maristova on Filefjell. It was only natural to look for a new mountain on Filefjell, as we had some free hours between work and the evening dinner.

Skjeltrene came up as the natural candidate. This was the last of the “easy ones” along the Filefjell road that we hadn’t been to yet. We decided to head out along a forest road between lake Trettetjernet and the Grønlistølen cabins.

On our way to Skjeltrene

After passing the first cabin, we turned left onto a tractor road. When it was clear that this road was not taking us UP the mountain, we went off-trail.

Off-trail in the forest

The forest hike was nice, once we got rid of the sheep. And then we stumbled upon a path too!

Go away!!

We aimed for point 1311m, and it looked steep. Perhaps too steep for a dog. So, we “bet everything” on a ledge next to the snow field on the below picture.

Aiming for point 1311m

This was a good decision, as the “ramp” took us up to the mountain plateau.

Looking down on the ledge and Anne

From here, we had an easy hike up to the top…

Easy hike to the top

We had some good Jotunheimen views along the way…


In not too long, we reached the top.

On top of Skjeltrene

It was a little windy on top, but we found shelter just below.

No wind here!

We decided to take a different route down, and “the job” is to capture anything that could look good on camera…

Teaching Karma how to bypass obstacles…

We descended off-trail but was lucky with our choice of route.

Off-trail descent from Skjeltrene

Eventually, we returned to car, but Anne wanted to take a swim. We drove down to the drain from Øvre to Nedre Smeddalsvatnet and found it best to take a swim on the calmer side of the outlet…

Anne – with Skjeltrene in the background

I don’t know… I don’t really mind taking a dive into a lake, but if I don’t really feel it’s strictly necessary, I tend to do not.

I’d rather be behind the camera


Eventually, we were good and ready to spend the evening with friends

Our trailhead – on the Vestland/Innlandet county border

Trip statistics: 11,6km, 650 vertical meters, 3h:17m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max/Samsung) from the hike:

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