Runde, Apr 25 2016


Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location Link
Rundebranden 294m 141m Herøy GPX WCP

On this afternoon, I did not go to Runde to watch the puffins, but to keep my girlfriend Anne occasional company.

This summer, she is extending her Field Inspector area to include Runde island and today’s mission was to fill in the missing gaps, so to speak..

Anne in the midst of emergency repair…

After helping her unmount an old ladder across a fence, I took Karma up to Rundebranden to enjoy the fabulous views from up there.

Some private thoughts, Karma?

Then we walked over to Sarshornet. No one was observing the puffins in Lundeura, for the simple reason that there were no puffins there. Too early in the evening.

View from Sarshornet

Then we went down and joined Anne, now working close to Kaldekloven. We met a couple of photographer carrying a heavy load. They had never been to Lundeura before, only observed the puffins from Lundeura. When we told them that the puffins would sit just a few yards away from them, they regretted that they didn’t bring the 24mm lens 😉

Great skuas (?) roaming above Runde island
And we’re done for the evening…

Pictures from the hike:

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