Bjørnastighornet and Eggja, Aug 12 2017

Nice round trip in the Liadal mountains

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Bjørnastighornet 940m 92m Ørsta, Norway
Eggja 990m 80m Ørsta, Norway
On the way to Bjørnastighornet, with Liadalsnipa in the background

It had been a while since my last visit to Bjørnastighornet. Normally, when I’m in that area, it’s Liadalsnipa that’s on the agenda. But today, I would just settle for a nice round trip hike across Bjørnastighornet and Eggja. In any case, I don’t want to take Karma up to Liadalsnipa. The normal route is spooky enough for humans…

Our route from and to Halse

We started out from Halse and followed the path up to lake Nakkevatnet. Liadalsnipa looked very tempting and I was thinking about how I could get Karma past the Liadalsnipa crux, should I try one day. But I did not see any other option than dragging her up in a rope. That would probably have worked well. But down would be a different story…

Liadalsnipa. The normal route goes straight up here.

From Nakkevatnet, we followed the path up to the ridge and sat course (off-trail) for Bjørnastighornet’s west ridge. It had been so long since I was up here that I didn’t remember how it looked like.

Lake Nakkevatnet and Eggja to the left.

After a short ridge walk, we reached the top and enjoyed the views for a little while before moving on.

On top of Bjørnastighornet

We descended directly down from the summit. The mountain side is somewhat steep but it was not difficult to find an easy route.

The ridge towards Eggja

We ascended Eggja via the south ridge and I decided to follow the ridge in the direction of Hyningane, because I couldn’t remember what the terrain looked like. I had no expectation about reaching Hyningane, but it was just nice to be out walking.

Towards Hyningane. Does NOT look promising…

Sure enough, the ridge ended in a nasty drop and the ridge on the other side looked quite ugly. But I found that if I really wanted to reach Hyningane this way, I could descend from the ridge, into Svenskedalen (there seemed to be only one place where this could be done in a safe manner), and then ascend Hyningane via the west ridge.

End of the road…

On some maps, Hyningane (1018m) is called Stabben. This is wrong. Stabben is a hump directly east of the point where the ridge makes the sudden drop.

The real Stabben – in center

So we returned to Eggja and descended the same way I skied down in 2016.

Back on Eggja. Time to descend…

We were back at the trailhead 2,5 hours after leaving, after a 9,2km round trip – 980 vertical meters. A beautiful hike, it was!

Pictures from the hike: 

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