Saudehornet, June-August 2017

Saudehornet x 3

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Saudehornet 1303m 825m Ørsta, Norway WCP
Saudehornet (2008)

Saudehornet is one my favorite peaks and offers approx. 1200-1300 (depending on where you start from) HARD vertical meters. In other words, a great place to find out how fit you really are. Rising straight out of the town Ørsta, the mountain is an impressive sight.

Saudehornet (2012)

You can also take part in the Saudehornet Rett Opp mountain race, where you start down by the fjord and end up on 1303m above sea level. I’ve not done the race yet, but I’ve done the route from the fjord (2016). I reached the top in 1h:08m:23s. I’m not going to brag about it, but at age 52 it’s OK.

I have a goal – in 2019, when I enter the Men 55-60 class, I’ll be #1 in my class..

If you like to compete all year around, you can also participate in the X2 event, but then you have to ski the neighbor top Nivane, in addition to Saudehornet.

Saudehornet (left) in winter (2012)

I really should be going there more frequently. Ideally once a month. After all, the mountain is only a 20 minute drive from my house on Gurskøya. But in 2017, total # of visits amounted to only 3. It’s not because I am lazy. On the contrary, I’d like to think. But my primary goal is to visit new peaks.

On this page, I’ve collected some pictures from the 3 hikes I did in 2017

Aug 9 2017: 

North view from Saudehornet

This was clearly the best hike of the 3, in gorgeous weather. It was a really hot day, and the route from Vallabøen doesn’t offer any running water. So Karma’s tongue was longer than it usually is. I tried to keep a good pace, despite the heat. No running, though. It took me 1h:10m to ascend the 1220 vertical meter route. No matter how hard the hike is, the view from the top is always reward good enough.

July 9 2017:

That kind of day…

Mid-summer and the mountain had nothing but fog and rain to offer. I started from Vallabøen and  I admit that I planned to turn around on Vallahornet (835m), but when I got there and looked up towards the wet and foggy mountain, I asked myself what kind of mountain man I was, turning around here. So whether I liked it or not, I had to continue…

June 4 2017:

On top of Saudehornet

On this hike, I started by the waterworks building and followed what must be said to be the normal route to Saudehornet. The upper part of the mountain was fogged in, and there was not much to see after passing Vallahornet. But even in fog, it’s nice to be up here. The summit is quite dramatic in itself…

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