Snøhornet, June 5 2017

Getting familiar with the south-west ridge

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality WCP
Snøhornet 1309m 716m Ørsta/Volda, Norway WCP
Snøhornet in center (2012)

Snøhornet (the Snow Horn) is located near the town Volda on Sunnmøre (Norway), and is not among the most popular tops in this region. But, it offers nice terrain for hiking and stunning terrain for skiing when the snow conditions are favorable.

Snøhornet, 2007. Having one of my best days that year…

Prior to this hike, I had been up here twice before – on skis. The first time (2007) was an unforgettable trip. The second (2012) time will never earn legendary status…

My friend Petter is struggling (2012). Good equipment only takes you so far. You need sight too…

June 5 2017:

Both previous trips started by the tunnel near Koppen by Austefjorden. This time, I wanted to try the route from Aldalen. I could see a path on the map. It was just a matter of finding it. I had to ask some cabin owners and they explained where I would find the trailhead.

The south-west ridge route

I found it in a curve just before the bridge across Hjartåelva. After a short hike along a path, we joined the gravel road going into the bowl. I noticed a pink stick and assumed that the forest path began here. That was a correct assumption.

Forest path begins here

It was a nice hike up to the Skjøråsen ridge. From here, I got Snøhornet in clear view.

Almost up on the Skjøråsen ridge. Snøhornet in the background.

The path turned south and Karma and I passed point 490m to the south. From here, we aimed for Snøhornet’s southwest ridge.

The south-west ridge drops steeply

Soon, we were looking at a very steep drop on the ridge, but found that the path curved gently up to the ridge, on the north side.

Karma can handle herself…

Once we were ON the ridge, I figured that the rest of the ridge was a walk in the park. We passed a couple, sitting down, enjoying the day. I had thought I would be alone up here. Then I met a girl, out with her dog. She had turned around just before a cliff, and when I looked at the cliff from a distance, it didn’t look trivial.

Hmm… will this cliff give us trouble?

But upon closer inspection, I found two routes up the cliff and shortly after, I could see the rest of the route up the ridge. It looked easy.

Not expecting any further surprises…

From time to time, I stopped to enjoy the Austefjord view. I know this region pretty well by now, but I never get tired of the views.


Eventually, we ran into snow. After all, it was only early June. In the southern Norway mountain regions, June is still spring.

The summit plateau is near…

I know that the plateau on Snøhornet is vast, and I was curious to see where I would end up, respective of the summit cairn. To my surprise, I was walking straight towards it.

Summit cairn comes into view

And finally, after 1h:50m, 5,3km and 1150 vertical meters, we could touch the cairn. The views are MIGHTY FINE from up here…

On top of Snøhornet

I normally like to round trip hikes, but I didn’t see any option which didn’t involve several kilometers along roads, so I decided to return the way we came.

Heading back down

We returned to the car 3h:5m after leaving it. This was a very positive experience. I really liked this route, and would not mind a bit to do it again one day. But first, I will take a closer look at the north ridge…

Heading down the south-west ridge

Pictures from the hike: 

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