2018 Week 1

Afternoon hikes and ski-trips

Ålesund, seen from Geitnausa on Uksenøya

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Rjåhornet 598m 105m Herøy M&R, Norway WCP
Blåtind 697m 697m Ulstein, Norway WCP
Melshornet 668m 560m Hareid, Norway WCP
Geitnausa 456m 102m Ålesund, Norway WCP
Gyrinakken 365m 157m Herøy M&R, Norway WCP
Heida 239m 126m Herøy M&R, Norway WCP
Røddalshorn 563m 100m Herøy M&R, Norway WCP
Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy M&R, Norway  WCP

Jan 1 2018 – Rjåhornet

Deep snow hike after dark with Karma to my local mountain. Good to kick off the new year with a hike!

Karma on Rjåhornet

Jan 2 2018 – Blåtind

Another hike in deep snow, up a very steep hillside with snowdrift against. Strenuous, but it’s all forgotten when we get to the top.

My little zombie on Blåtind

Jan 3 2018 – Melshornet

After two hikes where I had to break the trail, I chose to go to Melshornet – where a track is almost guaranteed. A very nice evening hike with Karma!

Hareiddalen seen from Melshornet

Jan 4 2018 – Geitnausa

Working in Ålesund, and as always I do a hike in that region before taking the ferry back. Today, we followed a well worn snowy path from Turheisa to Geitnausa on Blindheimfjellet. Very windy on top!

Ålesund view from Geitnausa

Jan 6 2018 – Gyrinakken & Heida

Today it was too windy to expose the dog to higher mountains, so we stayed in the Gurskøya forest and hiked across Gyrinakken and Heida.

Karma on top of Gyrinakken

Jan 7 2018 – Røddalshorn

Still rugged weather, but a ski-trip (solo) to Røddalshornet should be OK. After a nice ascent, the weather got worse and the descent was not fun.

On top of Røddalshorn

Jan 7 2018 – Huldrehornet

Back home after the ski-trip to Røddalshorn, it was time to walk the dog. We walked from my house up to Huldrehornet and returned via Myrvågskogen. At times, a struggle in the deep snow.

On top of Huldrehornet

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