2018 Week 44

OK start to the week. Then came the rain…

On the way up Rjåhornet. A nice start to the week…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Rjåhornet 598m 105m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
Høgkubben 450m 62m Ålesund, Norway WCP
Point 356m 356m 17m Ålesund, Norway WCP
Leirvågfjellet 254m 231m Sula, Norway WCP
Lidaveten 592m 439m Volda, Norway WCP
Breidfjellet 424m 56m Ulstein, Norway
Skeidshornet 311m 13m Ulstein, Norway

Rjåhornet (600m), Oct 29 2018

My route up and down Rjåhornet

Monday:  Today I had a specific task; go up to Rjåhornet and call in numbers from the visitor’s register. Some lucky hiker would win a nice price in the lottery.

I chose the route from Leikong for this hike. It was a pretty nice day with some fresh snow left.

Nice day, nice hike…

Starting the week with a 600m mountain is always a bonus. That’s what’s considered as a “high top” in my local area.

And I always enjoy reaching the top of Rjåhornet. Which is definitely in the category “my mountains“. I’ll never get bored from the views.

View from Rjåhornet

Calling Elin (in the local trail group) and find random entries in the visitor’s register was quite a task. It was a cold, cold wind on top and my fingers went so numb that I had problems with almost everything I was supposed to do. It was really, really nice to put my hands in my pocket once the job was done, and head back down…

Trip statistics: 6km, 600 vertical meters, 1,5 hours

Pictures from the hike:

Høgkubben (450m), Point 356m, Oct 30 2018

My round trip route across Høgkubben

Tuesday: Ålesund day, and after work I drove to Blindheim to hike Høgkubben. On my way up the forest, I noticed a path that I hadn’t seen before, and decided to follow it.

Obviously meant for humans…

This path ran further north than my usual round-trip route, and eventually, it joined the route from Turheisa. I quickly decided that the route would become one of my favorites on this mountain.

Very nice route to Høgkubben!

Reaching the top was nice, as always!

Let’s hope the weather stays this way!

On my way down one of the normal routes, I decided make a detour to the 356m forest hill southeast of Høgkubben. I’ve done many, many walks on this mountain, but I still hadn’t been to this top.

On our way towards P356m

I followed a path up a valley until I had point 356m to my right. Then we (Karma and I) went off-trail up to the top. It always feels nice being in a new place!

Lake Røssevollsvatnet seen from P356m

If I had continued east, I would have ended up by lake Røssevollsvatnet, which would have made a very nice round trip, if there is a path that would take me back to the trailhead. As I don’t know of such a path, I didn’t go there. Walking all the way back along car roads wasn’t very tempting. So, we headed back to the Høgkubben trail and returned to our starting point at Blindheim.

Trip statistics: 7,2km, 510 vertical meters, 1,5 hours

Pictures from the hike:

Leirvågfjellet (254m) , Oct 31 2018

Our round trip route

Wednesday: Ålesund for the second day in a row. The weather was NOT great, and I found no inspiration for hiking. But, I had to walk the dog and drove to Solavågen to walk across Leirvågfjellet. No big effort required…


I have a fixed round trip route on this mountain; up from the soccer field and down the southeast ridge.

The soccer field and Solavågen

When I returned to the car, I had no real sensation of hiking, but was happy that the dog could stretch out a little, after many hours in the car…

Trip statistics: 2,4km, 230 vertical meters, 36 minutes

Pictures from the hike:


Lidaveten (592m),  Nov 1 2018

Our route up and down Lidaveten

Thursday:  After work, I drove to Berkneset to hike Lidaveten – along my new and favorite route.

When I got to Berkneset, I decided to push hard up the mountain. Which meant to jog a little, walk a little, on repeat.

On top of Lidaveten

Time spent up the ~600 vertical meter slope was 31m:48s. Which was not awful, given my current (bad) shape and form. In my head, I figured I would be good for 25 minutes, but that will probably never, ever happen.

Anyway, it’s always nice to be back on this mountain!

View from the top

Trip statistics: 4,8km, 610 vertical meters, 1h:10m

Pictures from the hike:

Breidfjellet (424m), Nov 2 2018

The route

Friday: How do you find inspiration for going hiking on a Friday afternoon, after a hard week of work, and on top of it all – it’s raining?

Well, it’s hard. But once you’re through the front door, it gets easier.

Today, I drove to Ulsteinvik to explore new paths. I went up to Bugardsmyrane and parked there. First, I would just hike up Morderbakken (Killer hill) and then decide what to do next.

This is a tough hill!

On top of the hill, I noticed that the gravel road across Vikeskaret had been completed. Hence, I decided to follow it and later figure out how I could return to Bugardsmyrane. The road hadn’t “set” properly. It was boggy, but OK.

In the Vikeskaret pass

At Vikeskaret, we went off-trail and hiked up to Breidfjellet. It’s been many years since I went up there the last time. Reaching the top didn’t cause any particular sensation, but at least we had been to some kind of a top…

Afterwards, we continued down the gravel road in the direction of the waterworks building, but switched to a path marked “Bugarden“. Close enough to “Bugardsmyrane”…

Yup, this is our exit…

The first part of the path was wet and boggy, but when we got down to the uppermost houses in Ulsteinvik, I discovered that there was a path running alongside them. And that path was just nice!

The path just above the uppermost houses – nice!

Before returning to the car, we stopped by Osberget

On Osberget

Trip statistics: 7,9km, 430 vertical meters, 1h:35m

Pictures from the hike:

Skeidshornet (311m), Nov 3 2018


Saturday: Another rainy day. I returned to Ulsteinvik to explore further routes that I either hadn’t done before or didn’t remember.

Once again, I parked at Bugardsmyrane, and then followed the tractor road up to Nibben.

On the Nibben road

Then I followed the path towards lake Lisjevatnet upwards. After a while I decided that I didn’t want to go to Lisjevatnet, left the path and headed towards Skeidshornet.

On the Nibben – Lisjevatnet path

And once again, I headed up the new trail/road crossing Vikeskaret.

In Vikeskaret. Miserable weather!

I followed this trail/road (not sure what to call it) down to the waterworks building and followed a path that I’m pretty sure I’ve hike 10-some years ago. Eventually, I got on the same path as the day before and returned to Bugardsmyrane.

On a wet and boggy path towards Bugardsmyrane

Trip statistics: 8,8km, 350m vertical meters, 1h:36m

Pictures from the hike:

Across Otrøya, Nov 4 2018

On our way to Oppstadhornet

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