Krunene, Blåfjellet, Høgefjellet, July 14 2019

First time in Angedalen, Naustdal/Førde

Oh, this made my day…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Krunene 1066m 193m Naustdal/Førde, Norway
Blåfjellet 1067m 629m Naustdal, Norway
Høgefjellet 948m 198m Naustdal, Norway

Sunday: Normally, I travel from Sogndal and back home to Sunnmøre on Mondays. But as I had to be back home to receive a plummer on Monday morning, I had to leave on Sunday. As it was a really nice day, I decided to make a small detour and visit Angedalen for the first time. I had my eyes set on a nice round trip that would give me 3 new tops.

My planned – and executed – round trip hike

My starting point for my round trip hike across Krunene, Blåfjellet and Høgefjellet was Tjørnelandsdalen valley. A toll road took me up to 250m elevation, where I had to park. I wouldn’t have driven any further regardless. The road onwards was steep!

The trailhead

Karma and I hiked up the forest road and enjoyed the hike, the day and the general scenery…

Foxglove – Digitalis Purpurea

We stopped at Tjørnelandsstølen to chat with a couple, spending the weekend at their cabin. I got a good advice as to where to approach Krunene, and this advice matched well with my original plan.

The Tjørnelandsstølen cabins ahead. Blåfjellet to the left, Krunene to the right.

So soon after leaving Tjørnelandsstølen, we followed a ridge path to the northeast, which took me up to the Krunene south ridge, just north of point 688m.

On the south ridge towards Krunene

The summit was still a couple of kilometers to the north, but we made steady progress, thanks to fairly easy terrain. Karma found water to cool down in…

Everybody’s happy…

On the way up the south ridge, I noticed an eagle – doing a “surveillance sweep“. As it was quite close, I decided to play dead. Perhaps that would catch its attention. It did, and the eagle was quite curious, but of course – I could not trick it into landing. Still, it was a fun couple of minutes…

What’s up?

It wasn’t quite clear what was the high point. Well, there was a large cairn that I assumed was the high point, but then there were a couple of humps – seemingly equally high – and then there were another cairn – 240m to the northwest. The best choice was of course to visit all of them – just in case.

On top of Krunene

With one top “in the bag”, it was time to move on towards Blåfjellet. It was natural to pass through the Andersskaret pass – which offered no problems.

Andersskaret and Blåfjellet

The ascent up to Blåfjellet was also quite straightforward and soon we could “celebrate” our 2nd top for the day.

On top of Blåfjellet

Now we had only 1 top to do – Høgefjellet – 2,1km south of Blåfjellet.


The terrain wasn’t as straightforward as we’ve had so far, but it wasn’t very difficult to find the easiest route down to the ridge east of lake Svartevatnet.

I aimed for a natural ascent route that took us directly up the top.

On top of Høgefjellet

There was another top – Steinheia, 946m – one kilometer further south. I considered visiting this too, but ended up with trusting the map on the fact that Høgefjellet was the highest top here, and skipped Steinheia. The overall terrain wasn’t overwhelmingly exciting and I would gladly soon be on my way home.

Looking over to Steinheia

So, we headed directly from Høgefjellet down to Tjørnelandsstølen along a nice southeast course. I decided to dodge the local cows, as I don’t think cows like dogs in general. Better safe than sorry.

Heading down towards Tjørnelandsdalen valley

After hiking down the forest road back to the road, I looked forward to be on my way home. I had a 3,5 hour drive ahead of me – which would surely feel better than normal, now that I had 3 new tops. So far, I was en route towards my goal of 100 new tops (of 100m prominence or more) this year. It’s actually quite an effort, but it takes me places and I meet people. So, all in all – well worth it from a personal perspective. I try to balance the negative environmental footprint by having a minimal material footprint. But of course, I could only be judged by others

Tindefjellet in Jølster, seen from Høgefjellet

Trip statistics: 16,6km, 1300 vertical meters, 4h:30m

Pictures (Canon 80D/Iphone) from the trip:

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