Midtre Raudfonndalstind, July 9 2016

A wet and airy walk with the dog…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Midtre Raudfonndalstind 1005m 35m Ørsta GPX
Midtre Raudfonndalstind is the lower peak in center

The purpose of this trip was solely to become acquainted with Raudfonndalstindane – a small group of peaks on the mountain ridge between Langedalen and Romedalen. The group consists of Søre, Midtre and Nordre Raudfonndalstind. These tops are found between Sveddalstinden and Høgehornet/Mannen. As I chose to bring my dog Karma along, I had no plans to make it up to any of the 3 Raudfonndalstindane peaks. This was purely a research mission. Besides, the forecast promised rain…

My route from and to Mosætra

From Ørsta, I took the toll road to Vallasætra and followed the path on the west side of the river. I had been to many peaks in this area, but I had never walked up Langedalen.

Heading into Langedalen

After 3,5km, I crossed the river and began my ascent towards the pass between Midtre and Søre Raudfonndalstind. This is an uncomplicated ascent, even on slippery grass and rock.

Aiming for the low pass in center

I topped out on the ridge at approx. 920m. Fog was sweeping across the tops, but now and then I got a good look at the tops surrounding me. Søre Raudfonndalstind looked steep, but seemingly doable without a rope. Yet, I didn’t know if I was looking at the actual summit. There are 3 tops up there and I didn’t know which one was the highest.

Søre Raudfonndalstind

One thing was for sure, Søre Raudfonndalstind was not dog terrain, so I continued in the direction of Midtre Raudfonndalstind. We followed a narrow ridge, which in places was jusr wide enough to get the dog across.

On the way to Midtre Raudfonndalstind
We came to a point where the ridge makes a sudden drop. I got a glimpse of the ridge up to Midtre Raudfonndalstind and saw that it was doable without a rope. I anchored Karma to a rock and decided to go for the top.
On the way to the summit, looking down on Karma

In order to get into the saddle, I had to go back a few meters where I could scramble safely into the saddle. The route up was unproblematic, although a bit airy near the summit. And finally, I was on top of one of the Raudfonndalstindane peaks. I didn’t know at the time that I would stand on the exact spot 12 days later, but that’s another story and a different blog post.

Nordre Raudfonndalstind seen from Midtre Raudfonndalstind

The idea was, as mentioned earlier, to do some research. But just as I began my ascent, it started to rain, and it rained HARD. My extra clothing was in the backpack, which I left with Karma – to let her know that I was coming back. At one point, I thought it was snowing. It was raining horizontally, and I got super-cold!

 I scrambled back down, got my rain gear back on and left the mountain ridge as fast as I could. Down in Langedalen, the temperature was higher and it stopped raining. I decided to return along the path on the east side of the river – leading me to Mosætra. A bridge connects the Mosætra and Vallasætra cabin areas.
On my way down the mountain, looking up

I was back at Mosætra 3:38pm- 3h:38m after leaving it. I felt really good about having been up there, and felt that a revisit to these mountains wasn’t too far away in time. And that feeling turned out to be very true…

Pictures from the trip: 

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