Fagerliklumpen, Osplikammen, July 2 2016

The last report from the summer vacation

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Fagerliklumpen 477m 149m Grong GPX
Osplikammen 258m 247m Ørland/ Bjugn GPX

Summer vacation 2016 continued…

Leaving northern Norway, feeling sad…

Fagerliklumpen, 477m

On this Saturday morning, Anne and I said goodbye to my mom in Brønnøysund and thanked her for the hospitality and the nice trips we made together. Then we headed south, aiming for my home on Sunnmøre. The only question was whether we should drive all the way that day, or not. We found that there was no need to make that decision early in the day.

 We drove to Grong and stopped at the tourist information to buy some maps (Anne is a collector). As the weather was quite good, I proposed that I took Karma and headed up to Fagerliklumpen (477m). The hike would just be 5km and 360 vertical meters in total. Anne said she would wait in the car. She had caught a cold overnight and was not feeling so well.
Grong seen from Fagerliklumpen
We drove up to Leksås and found the marked trail to Fagerliklumpen. Karma and I kept a good pace up the forest, as I didn’t want Anne to wait in the car for too long. The path had good potential quite to be muddy after rain, but as it hadn’t rained for several days, the path was excellent.
Fagerliklumpen comes into view

We reached the top 12:10pm – 30 minutes and 2,6km after leaving the car. There was a building on top, with a “Fagerliklumpen” signpost. The views were not as good as I could have hoped for, but I didn’t go up this mountain for the views. I went up her because I want to reach my goal of minimum 100 new mountain tops per year. That’s 2 per week, and winters in Norway can be rough. So I have to be extra busy in the summertime. Fagerliklumpen was #68 in 2016 (counting tops with a primary factor  > 100m). Only 32 to go…

View from Fagerliklumpen

The hike down went fast. We returned to the car 20 minutes after leaving the top, and soon we were back on the E6.

Rejoining Anne at Leksås
 Pictures from the hike:

Osplikammen, 285m

We found that Sunnmøre had nothing but bad weather to offer us on Sunday, so Anne proposed that we could drive to the Fosenhalvøya peninsula and spend the night there. I found that to be a great idea. We left E6 at Røra, crossed Inderøya and aimed for Brekstad on Ørlandet. Anne wanted to look for a place to stay the night at Austrått, but there was only only camping, it seemed full, the manager was not to be found and no one answered the phone.

 We phoned a couple of other places but no one answered. But after a while, the Ørland Kysthotell in Brekstad picked up the phone and we booked a room with them. We arrived at the hotel 10 minutes later. Anne need to lay down and rest and I took Karma to hike Osplikammen – on the Ørland and Bjugn border.
On my way to Osplikammen – just beyond the moutain in front of me

I followed RV710 from Brekstad, turned right onto FV231 the road to Vestrått and followed this road until I saw the Sankthansholet signpost, where I turned left onto a gravel road (I had found a trip report on by someone who hiked from here). I drove until the road forked and parked there.

My Osplikammen trailhead
Near the parking, I found a wooden bridge which led me to a forest path. After 0,3km, another path came up from the left and I learned that two paths run from the road to Sanktansholet.

We (Karma and I) were now heading into Langedalen valley and the path was easy to follow. At one place there was a rope, and I didn’t quite understand why someone would need that rope. Perhaps people in all ages go here.

Not very difficult terrain…

On top of Langedalen, the path turned west and soon I could see Osplikammen ahead of me. We reached the top 6:06pm, 30 minutes and 2km after heading out from the car. The views didn’t blow my mind but the weather was not too great, either. We took the same route down and were  back at the car 6:38pm.

Summit view from Osplikammen

Back at the hotel, I found that the nap had done Anne good and she wanted to go for dinner. There was a large, private party in the main restaurant. Other guests were confined to a smaller area close to the bar. A busy waiter brought us the menu. I chose to go for “Verdens beste laks” (the best salmon in the world) – yes, the menu said so and my expectations were nothing but high. We also ordered beer, wine and water. The waiter didn’t bring the menus with her and never returned with water. After 20 minutes, I went to the bar and helped myself.

 After 30 minutes, the waiter dropped by with apologies for the late meal but had no ETD (Estimated Time of Dinner). The food came one hour after we had ordered it. My piece of salmon was small and way to salty. When the waiter returned to ask how the food was, I chose to be honest. As two more guests had come, I kept my voice down and explained that the fish was too salty, and that a for grown man – that had been to two mountain tops (albeit small tops) this plate was a disappointment. Waiting 60 minutes for it didn’t help either. The waiter apologized and asked if we were interested in free desserts. Of course we were. I was still starving after the … bite.

After dessert, we went up to our room to watch Germany and Italy fight for a place in the Euro 2016 semifinals. We had been looking forward to this game all day. Fortunately, this game ran on TV2, as none of the other TV channels worked!

I was not impressed with the hotel. The room price + dog fee (the fee is just an insult!) amounted to NOK 1500+, I really wondered what value we got for the money. This was by far the most expensive hotel we had stayed in, during our vacation (hotel stays in Bodø and Sandnessjøen included).
Not too happy about our stay here…

Due to the late served dinner, we came late into the game. This was a thriller of a game which ran into extra time. Then, after 5 minutes in the 2nd half of the extra time, the TV signal froze. Now I really –hated- this hotel and we went down to the pub by the reception where a group of people watched the game via a laptop, projected onto a canvas. The game went to a tie and the signal froze just before the penalty shoot-out. Imagine the sound from the disappointed audience. I now realized that TV2 Sumo was to blame – for this particular channel  – and not the hotel. Fortunately, the signal came back just as the first penalty went and we were able to see the rest of it also. I had already told Anne earlier in the day that Germany would win. “Football is a game played by 22 players and in the end, Germany wins”. And Germany won.

Late evening in Brekstad. Tomorrow we go HOME…

And on that note, my trip reports from our 2016 summer vacation has also come to an end.

Pictures from the hike: 

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