Easter diary, Apr 16 2017


Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Veslefjell 1431m 101m Skjåk

Continued from Easter vacation, day 8:

It was the second last day of our Easter vacation. We checked out of “Hotel Rudsenga” in ScheeskrokenHovSøndre Land after a nice breakfast and thanking our friends Eva and Bjørn for a very pleasant stay.  We were now on our way back to western Norway with no particular plans. The weather in eastern Norway was bad.

Checking out from Scheeskroken in Hov, Søndre Land

We drove up to Gålåfjellet to hike (or ski) Kvitberget (1000m) but turned around due to snowfall. The weather forecast promised nice weather on Strynefjellet. That forecast could clearly go either way, but we decided to take a chance, called the hotel on Grotli and made a reservation. Passing Lom, the weather was still bad and we wondered if we had made a mistake by spending the night on the Strynefjellet mountain.

Grotli Høyfjellshotell

But when we approached Grotli, we could see a touch of blue sky! We checked into the hotel, and Anne suggested that I had time to ski Veslefjell (1431m) before dinner. She would take Karma on a local ski-trip. On the way to Grotli, I had thought about that option. The route up from Nysætre looked steep in one place, but direct and short.

Nice room on the Grotli Hotel

I purchased a map of the area in the hotel reception and said that I would ski up to Veslefjell before dinner at 7pm. The woman behind the counter looked at me with some sort of disbelief. The time was 4:15pm and I would ski up and down Veslefjell before 7pm? Yup, that was my plan.

I drove down to Nysætre and parked the car by the first building I could find. It turned out to be a hotel, so I pretended to be a guest. Normally, I would have asked for permission, but I was in a hurry. I don’t remember the name of the hotel, and in retrospect, I am unable to find the name of the hotel! Very, very strange. It’s not on the list of hotels on Strynefjellet.

Veslefjell. My route went straight up.

I put the skis on, left the car at 4:30pm (745m elevation) and headed upwards. The snow was hard on the surface, and soft below. In addition, the light was a bit flat. I didn’t look forward to the descent.

Heading up Veslefjell

I kept a good pace up the mountainside. There was a part in the middle that was a bit steep, but I made good use of old tracks.

View down to Vuluvatnet

I arrived on a top that I thought was the summit. But that was Raudberget – 1374m. The top of Veslefjell was still 0,7km to the east.

Veslefjell (right) seen from Raudberget

I continued to the Veslefjell summit (1431m) and arrived there at 5:32m – approx. one hour after leaving the car. It was nice up here, albeit windy. Finally, back on a real mountain top after walking around/skiing in the Vestoppland forest hills for 3 days. I took some pictures, took the skins off and began my descent.

On top of Veslefjell

I was back at the car 6:02pm, and started talking to a couple, walking by. When I learned that they were the owners of the hotel, I apologized for parking without giving notice, but that was quite alright. After a nice chat, I jumped into the car. With only a 10-minute drive back to Grotli, I was in good shape for dinner. Sour creme porridge! Yum!

Dinner with my girlfriend

Pictures from the trip:

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