Easter diary, Apr 15 2017

Hvalebykampen, Buhammaren, Høgkorset

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Hvalebykampen 771m 168m Gran
Buhammaren 553m 190m Gran
Høgkorset 757m 134m Gran

Continued from Easter vacation, day 7:

Day 3 at “Hotel Rudsenga” in ScheeskrokenHovSøndre Land. Eva, Bjørn and Anne were more than satisfied with the trips the past two days, so today I would be going solo for my quest for new pf100 tops.


After breakfast, I left Hov and drove to Gran. Hvalebykampen was the first top on my roadmap. The biggest challenge was to get to Ålsbygda – where I planned to hike from. I had no map and drove on  sight. I was reluctant about getting on RV4, as I didn’t know where the exits were, and stayed on the small roads. I found the road to Ålsbygda on the first attempt.

I parked where the toll road begins and quickly located the path to Hvalebykampen.

Hvalebykampen trailhead

After 0,8km, I joined a road coming from my left. I went right and followed this road for 160 meters before I left it and headed up a forest path.

Hvalebykampen ahead

After another 0,8km, I arrived on a top with a mast, but this was clearly not the high point.

Sorry, Karma. This ain’t it…

I continued north and after 0,4km I reached my first top of the day.

Yup, this is the place. Summit candy is on the way…

I returned the same way and were back at the car 55 minutes after leaving it. 4,3km and 230 vertical meters.

Trip tracks


I could see Buhammaren – my next stop – from Hvalebykampen. I struggled a bit in crossing RV4 and finding the way to the Granset trailhead I had chosen.

Granset trailhead

After 0,6km, a road came up from my left. I assumed that would be the normal route to the top. But the path I was on crossed the road, so I chose to stick to the path. After a little while, I had a feeling that I was moving away from Buhammaren and wasn’t sure what to do. But 0,7km after crossing the road, I found a signpost and a map. Clearly on the right way!


I turned right (north) and followed a path 0,3km before turning left onto a path leading to the top.

Karma on Buhammaren

Afterwards, I returned to the forest path and continued north. The path led me to a quarry and the end of the road I had crossed earlier. I followed it down and found a smaller forest road running adjacent to the path I had followed from my car.

Total time: 36 minutes, 3,5km and 135 vertical meters.

Trip tracks


I called “base camp” and Anne wanted me to make it back in time for dinner. I figured I had enough time to visit Høgkorset. From the GPS map, it seemed I could drive towards Lygna, go left on a smaller road that passed Høgkorset, park 1km west of the top, and afterwards continue the road up to Einavatnet. Piece of cake.

I found the mountain road and followed it upwards, looking forward a bonus top before calling it a day. But just after passing Blokkhus, the road was closed. It wasn’t just closed, it was still winter up there!

OK, back into winter mode and some tempo!

It seemed that I would have to follow the road for another 2km before I got to my “1km west of the summit” point. Did I have enough time for dinner? Furthermore, should I hike or ski? I ended up with giving skiing a try. In most cases, dinner could wait, but we were guests and it would be impolite to arrive late. So I decided to speed up…

Not a lot of snow. Barely enough for skiing…

The 2,1km along the road could have been done on foot, but I would perhaps save some time on the way back, as there were some uphill.

Eventually, I got to the road leading to Høgkorset Radio Link, followed it for 0,8km before I left it and headed directly for Høgkorset.

Høgkorset (the forest top right of center) comes into view

I skied to the foothills of the forest top, and proceeded up the forest on foot. That worked well in the beginning, but there was so much snow higher up that I had big problems with walking. Fortunately, the top wasn’t far away and finally, I could celebrate my 3rd top for the day, and #16 so far this Easter. And Easter wasn’t over yet…

Karma on Høgkorset

I hurried back down to the road and then back to the trailhead. Karma and I arrived at the car 1h:05m after leaving it. Total distance was 6,9km with a vertical gain of 210m. I had to drive back down to Brandbu before getting on a proper road to Hov. But I made it back in time for dinner…

Trip tracks

Pictures from the trips: 

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