Kvitsanden, Håmmålsfjellet, July 24 2019

Another “biggie” in Østerdalen


Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Håmmålsfjellet (Gråhøgda) 1543m 611m Os (Hedmark)/ Tolga, Norway


Kvitsanden in Røros

Wednesday: After checking out from Hotel Røros, we decided to hike Håmmålsfjellet – further down the valley. Like Tronden in Alvdal, and several other mountains in this region, it’s a mastodon. As such, well worth a visit.

But first, Anne wanted to visit the small “desert” Kvitsanden in Røros. It was a nice visit to this huge pile of sand, transported by the wind…

A sand “desert” just outside Røros!

From Kvitsanden, we had a good view towards Håmmålsfjellet, and after a short walk across the sand dunes, we moved on.



From Os, we took FV28 and turned right onto the Halvmilengveien toll road (NOK 50,-). This road took us 3,7km up to the Håmmålsfjellet parking – at approx. 860m. Roughly 700 vertical meters to the top. Nothing to it…

On our way to Håmmålsfjellet

The road continues to the top, and we followed it up to 1100m, where we went off-trail.

The road just got too boring

Sometimes, it can pay off to leave the beaten track…

Don’t mind us…

It was a beautiful day, and I really enjoyed our mini-tour in eastern Norway. We had had some great hikes so far. I could probably do this for weeks, but we only had two days left of the tour. On the other hand, another country was awaiting…

We have grown to love the Østerdalen region

Eventually, we reached the top and could celebrate yet another fine mountain. Even if the summit has a tower and other installations.

On top of Håmmålsfjellet

I particularly enjoyed the view towards the Sølen peaks, with Elgspiggen in the middle. The latter is high on my to-do list.

Sølen peaks in the background. Elgpiggen is a bit closer…

We also had a good view towards Tronden (1666m), which I visited back in 2003.

Tronden in Alvdal

After a nice stay on top, it was time to head down again and move on. We weren’t sure where we would be heading to, but these things have a tendency to be quickly sorted out…

Heading down…

Just before the trailhead, the creek was just too tempting to resist. But the water was really cold, so the bath was short…

Anne survived roughly 30 seconds here…

Trip statistics: 8,4km, 690 vertical meters, 2h:40m

Pictures (Canon 80D/Iphone6) from the trip:

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