Viglen, July 23 2019

A long, nice trip

The Viglen massif by lake Feragen

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Storviglen 1561m 722m Røros, Norway
Tverrviglen 1484m 136m Røros, Norway
Vigltjønnhøgda (Midtviglen) 1381m 173m Røros, Norway
Viglpiken 1361m 118m Røros, Norway

Tuesday: Base-camp Røros, more precisely Røros Hotel. We arrived the day before and visited Enarsvola & Svensvola, in addition to some sightseeing.

Today, we would go to lake Feragen, where Anne had volunteered to help her long-time friend Ingeborg (and her husband Rolf) drying hay – the old fashioned way.

The old fashioned way

Me, on the other hand – have a serious hay fever and can’t go anywhere near hay or grass without ruining my day. So I was excused. To be frank, I think I would have excused myself anyway, as there were 4 tops above Feragen with a prominence of 100 meters or more. So all in all, it would be a win-win day for both of us.

My route for the day (yellow = bike)

Feragen – Øya

First time visit for me. Anne had been here before

Karma and I were in for quite a trip, actually. First, we would bike 9,7km from Feragen to Øya – where the summer farm is located, and then we had a 26,3km hike across 4 tops ahead of us, before we could return to the car. Hardest for Karma, of course, as biking 10km in relatively flat terrain isn’t a big feat for me. Nevertheless, we were in for quite a trip!

Ready for a long day out!

Driving from Ferhagen to Øya is strictly reserved for the land owners and those who headed out for the voluntary work had no extra space for Karma and myself.  But I borrowed a bike from the family and headed out while Anne waited for her ride.

It was a nice transport leg from Feragen to Øya. Anne passed me (in a car) along the way.

A short break in Storvika

at Øya, I met Ingeborg and Rolf, and Ingeborg told me that NOW she had met all of Anne’s boyfriends! I was more than happy to complete the “picture” for her..

The group at Øya is getting ready for work…

Øya is a country paradise. Especially for those who doesn’t have hay fever…

Happy calves

But as they started to get ready for work, Karma and I continued on foot towards Ljøsnavollen – a 3,8km hike along the forest road.

Good luck!

Also at Ljøsnavollen, there was a “hay day”.

Ljøsnavollen with Storviglen in the background


From Ljøsnavollen, we followed a nice path along the river Ljøsnåa.

The hike up the forest was really nice!

After a while, Storviglen came into view. This is a quite prominent top, almost bordering to Sweden to the east and is just part of the Femundsmarka National Park towards the south. We passed in total 4 persons coming down from the mountain.

Approaching Storviglen

The path we were on would take us between Storviglen and Tverrviglen, so when we passed “the big rock“, we went off-trail and headed for Storviglen.

Ready to go off-trail

Unfortunately, there was fog on top…

On Storviglen

There were two other persons on top, but they didn’t seem to want to chat, and so I didn’t try to force them.


Next up was Tverrviglen – 2,5km to the northwest. The descent from Storviglen was rocky, but fairly easy.


On a snowfield east of Tverrviglen, I saw a small herd of reindeer. Probably on the snow to cool down. It was a fairly hot day.

Not much to eat on snow, so I guess this was for the cooling effect…

By now, the fog had gone and I could see all of Storviglen. If I had started 30 minutes later, I would have had views from that top! But, no worried. The view from the other tops were roughly the same…

Looking back on Storviglen

Tverrviglen was quite a boring top, with a huge plateau and no summit marker.

Karma on Tverrviglen

Vigltjønnhøgda (Midtviglen)

On our way to Midtviglen and Viglpiken

We continued towards Midtviglen, and passed point 1352m along the way – called “Vestre Tverrviglen” on It would be a lie to describe the terrain as “dramatic”, but I liked it. I like most of this part of eastern Norway. Probably because of the huge contrasts between the high mountains and the lowlands…

Nice scenery. Even though it’s Sweden… 😉

When we reached the top of Midtviglen, I started looking towards the descent, but we still had one more top to visit…

Karma on Midtviglen


We continued towards Viglpiken, which was probably the most distinct of the four tops…


It was impossible to hang around on top due to flies

Karma on Viglpiken

So – a minute later, it was high time to get off this mountain, even if I wanted to stay longer to take in the scenery.

Lakes all around

I picked a course towards the parking by lake Feragen and was a bit shocked to find out that it was more than 6km to the car! Off-trail!

Still a bit of walking to do…

But the descent went overall nice. Especially the upper part…

Easy going down here…

The forest section offered a lot of up and downs, as it was hard to predict the best route. But eventually we reached the forest road.


We were back at the parking 8h:06m after heading out. That’s a long trip compared to what I normally do, but I didn’t feel particularly tired. In fact, I wondered if there was time for one more mountain before Anne would return. So I called her up and learned that she was soon on her way. I killed the waiting time by driving around and taking pictures of the mountain from various angles.

Looking back on the Viglen massif


Anne finally arrived at Feragen and we drove back to the hotel. After taking a shower, we went out for dinner.

My kind of girl uses a waterproof bag as purse…

This was our last day in Røros, and the stay had been really nice. We don’t mind coming back here!

Happy meal!

Trip statistics: 9,7km on bike, 26,3km on foot, 1500 vertical meters, 8h:06m

Pictures (Canon 80D/Iphone6) from the trip:

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