Massive fun!

On our way to Salen


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
09.04.23 Salen 1588m 288m Lærdal, Norway MAP

Sunday: After breakfast, we parted with our friends in Hov and sat course for western Norway. As the weather was still awesome, we agreed to go for a mountain ski-trip from Filefjell.

But first, a stop in Fagernes to let the dog out.

We always enjoy stopping in Fagernes in spring…

The choice fell on Salen, when we saw that there were lots of tracks up and down the mountain. Which meant that it should be possible to get Karma up there, even with soft snow. We headed out from Smeddalen.

Going to Salen!

I was not familiar with this mountain, other than I knew that it existed. But as we headed upwards, we realized that it seemed to be a popular skiing top.

Going up the mountain

Across the valley, we could see Suletinden (1780m) that we skied ~2 weeks earlier.


After the first hill, we had a good view towards point 1567m. The main top was located further behind.

The first top is in our view

Karma seemed to be doing good, both on and off the tracks.

Take your time. We’re not in a rush…

We were all doing good…

What a day!

It was very, very nice to be up here!

Point 1567m is getting closer…

I studied the area with interest, knowing there are 3-4 other pf100 tops nearby. I’ll be back…

Studying the nearby tops

And point 1567m was getting closer by the minute…

Not too far to the first top now…

When we got to point 1567m, we were not surprised when we understood that this is where people turn around. The high point was ~1km to the SW, including uphill both ways. People just want to rip of their skins and sail back down. Getting to the high point involved a little bit more effort than that.

The high point, seen from point 1567m

And eventually, we got there.

Anne, arriving on top of Salen

Salen was now officially “in the bag

On top of Salen

The views were … okay!

Lots and lots of mountains…

One more pose and then we’re off…

Ready for the descent…

No complaints about the descent. The snow was superb!

Anne – having big fun!

Trip statistics: 11km, 780 vertical meters, 2h:45m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the trip:

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