My first pf100 top in 2023…

Suletinden seen from Salen (taken 2 weeks after the trip)


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
26.03.23 Suletinden 1780 285m Lærdal/Vang, Norway MAP

Sunday: I went to Sogndal this weekend and had a rather grey ski-trip to Tylderingen on Saturday. The weather on Sunday was supposed to be just excellent and Anne suggested we should ski Suletinden on Filefjell.

We had talked about this trip for several years, but it just never seemed to happen. But now that Anne had found motivation to go back up there again (I had never been to this top) I was totally game!

We expected to have to park down by E16 and suffer a rather boring trip up through the Gramstølen cabin village. But, to our surprise – nothing stopped us from driving all the way up to 1030m. Which was totally OK. We would still have a solid uphill ahead of us.

Heading out from top of Gramstølen

The important thing was to find a ski-track that could carry Karma’s weight. Which we did. The dog would of course stay off the track and check each and single bush for presence of rodents. But at least she would have a track to fall back on, when energy started to run low.

Karma – about to the leave the track. Again…

It was a wonderful day, and I really looked forward to reaching my first new pf100 top this year.

Life is good…

Suletinden is not an alpine peak, but like most mountains – it can be a challenge to reach the top if the snow is hard and one forgot or skipped to bring crampons. But today, conditions were quite favorable.

Approaching the summit block

Today, most skiers chose to leave their skis below the summit. Which is totally understandable, as today – it didn’t make much sense to ski here…

Anne and Karma on their way to the top

And for that reason, I just HAD to ski to the top.

Why, why, why…

Karma and I went to the summit, and then waited for Anne – chatting with other skiers – to arrive.

We were not alone up here

And then it was time for celebrate the top!

On top of Suletinden

The view towards the Hurrungane and Falketind region was just great!

Here, we are talking about alpine peaks…
Panorama view from Suletinden

After a nice, but slightly cold stay on top, it was time to enjoy skiing downhill!

The dessert…

All in all, a superb day!

Thanks, Anne. This was big fun!

Trip statistics: 9,6km, 760 vertical meters, 2h:50m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the

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