Halvgjerda, Sep 5 2016

A very nice viewpoint

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Halvjerda 856m 203m Jølster GPX
View from Halvgjerda

Another commute trip from my girlfriend Anne in Sogndal and back to Sunnmøre. As always, I try to get a peak in the Jølster region on my way home, weather permitted. And on this evening, the weather was gorgeous. I chose Halvgjerda as my goal for the afternoon, even if it costed me a half an hour drive in the wrong direction.

Halvgjerda seen from Slåtten

I took the Slåtten exit from E39, a bit south of Vassenden, and drove to the innermost farm, where parking is allowed. Then I followed the road 200 meters in the direction I came, until I saw the gate that marks the start of the route.

After the gate, I didn’t know where to go. For some unknown reason, I chose NOT to follow the tractor road, and followed a visible path instead. This path didn’t lead to anywhere, so I had to follow the fence for 100 meters until I found the second gate – which marks the start of the forest route.

At the second gate

From the second gate, I made no further mistakes and followed the path up the forest. The path runs just west of the Slåtteelva river, all the way up to Slåttestøylen. The regular route still continues along the river up the valley, and all the way up to the Skjørdiket pass, but it is possible to take a (off-trail / very vague path) short-cut southwest up to the summit. I would recommend that you follow the marked path up, and take the short-cut back to Slåttestøylen.


Karma and I reached the top 5:54pm – 1h:10m after leaving the car at Slåtten. The cairn was occupied by two young girls, busy with selfies. It was only natural to leave them alone, and I wondered if I wasn’t just about 1m higher than they were. Anyway, not important. After a little while, the cairn was free and we went over there for additional summit pictures. It was a very nice view towards the valley between Moskog and Vassenden, and the mountains beyond.

On Halvgjerda, although not by the viewpoint cairn

Upon descent, we took the short-cut down to Slåttestøylen, which probably saved us considerable time – compared to the marked route via Sjørdiket.

View towards Hafstadfjellet (the mast) and the Kvamshesten – Blægja massif

We returned to the car at 6:42pm – 2 hours after leaving. The 3-hour drive back home was quite enjoyable, now that I’ve another new peak “in the bag”…

Descending from Halvgjerda

Pictures from the trip:


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