Lidaveten, Oct 7 2016

Mixed feelings, along a new route

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location WCP
Lidaveten 592m 439m Volda GPX WCP
View from Lidaveten

It’s not often I get to discover a new path in my local region, but I did that today. I imagined there would have to be a path up Lidaveten’s north ridge, and so I stopped by the first house that seemed habituated, near Steinnes. And sure enough – there was a marked path up the north ridge.

The route from Steinnes

The route started by a white power transformer station, and I passed two gates within the next couple of minutes. Then the route went into the forest and totally the “wrong way”, as I had imagined I would be heading up the north ridge.

Into the forest

The path took us (Karma and me) to a “gapahuk” – a popular type of shelter for barbeque, drinking, and stuff like that. After that, the path was not so well worn.

Karma wants to barbeque. I don’t.

However, the marking was still good, and a bit too good for my taste. There is absolutely no reason to paint on trees and solid rock when sticks are deployed along the route. It’s close to vandalism, in my book.

Not my style of marking a route. The signpost is OK, though.

Eventually, we rose above the forest and followed the ridge upwards. The terrain wasn’t very good for hiking, and I could easily see myself NOT doing this route again.

But the summit of Lidaveten is always nice, although I do prefer the route from Eidem and up the south ridge…

On top of Lidaveten

On the way down, I decided to stay true to the north ridge. This was a very bad decision. I ended up in a very nasty forest, totally rampaged by winter storms and hurricanes. Halfway down, I had to abort my attempt to stick with the ridge and I had to seek west to get back on the path.

Bad choice…

But all in all, it was nice to get to Lidaveten on a path different from the one I’m used to…

The route up the north ridge (or part of it)

Pictures from the hike: 

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