Grisetskolten & Hovdekollen, Feb 5 2017

Back in Rauma!

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality GPX
Grisetskolten 1068m 278m Rauma GPX
Hovdekollen (Storkollen) 351m 273m Rauma GPX


View from Grisetskolten

This weekend, I had the opportunity to go to the Rauma municipality and visit a couple of new peaks. It’s been a number of years since I hiked in Rauma, and the travel time has been the main reason. It takes me 2,5 hours to drive from Gurskøya to Åndalsnes.

Today, I wanted to hike Grisetskolten and Hovdekollen. The latter was a low forest hill that I simply cannot understand how I missed when I used to raid the Romsdalsfjorden shoreline for low forest tops in the wintertime.


Finding the Grisetskolten trailhead was easy. There was a signpost down by the main road in Innfjorden, just before the tunnel. I drove up to Griset, then turned right onto a forest road where I found parking after 0,5km.

The Grisetskolten trailhead

The path up the forest was well marked and easy to hike. At approx. 400m, I ran into snow – frozen snow, carrying my weight. Yeah! Old tracks made it easy to stick to the path.

Nice, frozen snow!

I followed the tracks all the way up to the ridge between Grisetskolten and Svartebottstinden/Ølmannstinden and then turned northwest and aimed for the ridge to the summit.

The summit ridge ahead

I chose to hike the boulder instead of following the snowfields. Karma and I arrived the summit 12:43pm, approx. 1h:15min after leaving the trailhead.

The view was just awesome. I could see most of the giants in this region; Store Vengetind, Kongen, Finnan, Skjervan, just to name a few.

Summit view from Grisetskolten

We then walked over to the northern viewpoint, where the Grisetskolten signpost is. This point is 6-7m lower than the high point. Good view towards the Romsdalsfjord from here!

On the northern viewpoint

Upon descent, I decided to take a short-cut down the birch forest. Fortunately, the snow still carried my weight. Although the sun was shining, the temperature doesn’t go sky-high this early in the year.

Descending from Grisetskolten

We were back at the car 2h:08m after leaving. Next stop: Hovdekollen

Pictures from the hike:



I drove to Hovde and stopped a local guy in his car. He explained the route to Hovdekollen very well; a) up to the parking, b) up the tractor road, c) to the well and d) follow the forest path. He said it was very difficult to explain, but his description was right on target.

Hovdekollen trailhead – on the Hovde side

The hike up the forest ridge was fun. A couple of ropes were in place for some kind of safety. Hopefully, for icy conditions. Otherwise, ropes are just in the way.

What do you think? Can we get by without?

It took us 25 minutes to reach the top. Because of the trees, the view was limited, but I got a good view towards Kyrkjetaket in Isfjorden.

Kyrkjetaket and Kjøvskardtinden in Isfjorden

Very, very happy about two more tops, I headed back down and returned to Sunnmøre. The 2,5 hour drive was much more enjoyable than going the other way in the morning…

Pictures from the hike:

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