Kvasstinden and Smørbottinden, Mar 4 2017

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality
Kvasstinden 1180m 110m Rauma
Smørbottind (Smørbottfjellet) 1188m 498m Rauma
On top of Smørbottinden

The forecast for the weekend was great and Anne and I agreed that we should explore new territory. After looking through maps, we landed on a weekend in Åndalsnes. Not that Åndalsnes was “new territory”, but it’s been a while since we’ve done anything good up there.

There are many excellent mountains for skiing in close proximity, and I was primarily thinking about Kvasstinden and Smørbottinden – easily accessible from the Skorgedalen skiing center. Anne felt this was a good proposal.

On Saturday morning, we left Gurskøya and drove to Isfjorden – a 3 hour drive. We drove up to Skorgedalen and saw that we were definitely not alone up here today.

At the Skorgedalen parking, with view towards Kvasstinden and Smørbottinden

We found the skiing track towards Smørbottinden and headed out – looking forward to a GRAND day in the Romsdal mountains.

Oh yeah!

The snow was of perfect quality, and that made me a bit restless. I wanted to get up as quickly as possible, so I could strap my boots and have the greatest run so far in 2017.

But more important than the snow quality was the idea of returning with 2 new tops. Anne was content with Smørbottinden only, but wished me well on my detour to Kvasstinden.

Soon parting with Anne, aiming for Kvasstinden (left)

I reached Kvasstinden 1h:25m after leaving the trailhead. I caught up with one guy ahead of me, and we had a quick chat before I continued towards Smørbottinden.

Smørbottinden seen from Kvasstinden

I joined up with Anne just below the summit and entered a somewhat crowded summit. I noticed that no one was at the very high point, so this is where I headed immediately. I had no desire to talk to anyone else. Anne followed, and a couple of minutes later we stood on top of Smørbottind and had an AMAZING 360 deg. view.

Panorama view from Smørbottinden

Finally, it was time for the highlight of the day – the descent. And the descent was just – wow! Karma struggled in the deep snow, so the descent was a bit fragmented, having to wait for her. No sacrifice, though. She’s family.

Karma, racing down from Smørbottinden

Anne had a good day on skis too…

Just one of THOSE days…

The mountain was a bit windy, so we had to descend quite a bit to find a place to have lunch.

Lunch below Smørbottind. Life is good…

After lunch, we returned to the trailhead, drove to Åndalsnes and checked into Hotel Grand Bellevue.

Where we crashed in for the night

The hotel room was very nice and we had a superb view towards the most famous mountains in the region – Romsdalshorn. I’m so happy to say that I’ve been up the north wall and touched the summit…

Romsdalshorn – #1 in this region…

I love these trips, being tourists in our own country. And especially that nice sensation of taking a shower after a perfect ski-trip, and THEN open a cold beer. The only sad part was the news that Karma’s mom Ella had suddenly died a couple of days ago. Only 8 years old. The phone call with Ella’s owner was sad, but it was still good to have talked about it.

The morale must be; life is fragile. Better live every hour as if it was the last…

Trip tracks

Pictures from the trip:

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