Summer vacation: July 23 2017


Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Store Ble 1343m 548m Tinn

Continued from July 22

The first swim this summer…

We checked out of Quality Hotel in Kongsberg in the morning and sat the course for Blefjell. We followed RV37 past Bolkesjø and took the road up to Nordstul. This is normally a toll road, but the payment machine was broken, so the road owner wished us a nice, free journey through a piece of paper.

We parked at approx 715m and looked forward to reach the top of Store Ble on this gorgeous Sunday.

At the Nordstul trailhead

It’s a well worn and marked trail that takes you up the mountain. First through the forest, along the north side of lake Nordstulvatnet.

In the forest, along the lake

Then the trail climbs up along the river Nordstulåa, entering the Omnflug nature preserve.

Finally – going UP the mountain…

At the main trail junction near Grotbua, we headed northwest up Langedalen. This path took us north of the Sigridsbu cabin, but we planned on stopping by the cabin upon descent.

Up Langedalen

The path continued into Bledalen valley, where we took the first path leading up to the top. We had met a few other hikers along the way, and we started guessing how many people we would meet on top. I said two. Anne said four.

Approaching the summit

When we approached the summit, we saw two people and I figured I had nailed it. But then two others popped up, and I had to give it to Anne. Then all of a sudden, I heard they call my name – with a question mark. I had the sun in my eyes, so I didn’t see anything. But I recognized the voices – Jørn and Even – best mates (I am the Godfather of Even’s son)! With their spouses Anne-Grethe and Lise, of course. Seeing them up here was just mind-boggling. Of all places… They like … live far, far away and they just happened to be in the region this weekend – and – on the summit just when we arrived.

Anne-Grethe, Lise, Jørn, Even, Karma and Anne on Store Ble

We had a LONG a nice lunch on top of Store Ble, still blown away about the odds of us meeting here.

Summit view from Store Ble

Eventually, it was time to part. Even and the others went down to Fosskard, while Anne and me headed down Bledalen and then to Sigridsbu.


Afterwards, we headed across Sigridsfjell and down to Nordstulvatnet. We fancied a dive into the river, but missed our opportunity in Nordstulåa. However, we got our chance in the creek draining from Sønstevatn. We went a bit down the creek, only to see a guy fishing in the creek. We headed back up a bit, until we found a point where we fisherman couldn’t see us. I was thinking – if he knew that there were two naked people swimming around just a few meters up the river…

Cooling off…

Back at the car, we sat the course for Hotel Dalen. It was a place that would leave a serious mark in our summer budget, but Anne had for long wanted to stay there, so who am I to be greedy…

Hotel Dalen

The hotel was impressive both from the outside and the inside. The room was old-style and wiggly. As expected. But the dinner was nice. We ordered a fixed 3-course dinner, and the wine they had chosen for us wasn’t half bad. And the waiters was just as accommodating and stiff as you would expect on a hotel like this.

One month later, the wallet is still hurting, but no complaints…

Pictures from the day: 



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