Summer vacation, July 30 2017

And … that was it!

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Einsetnuten 1245m 247m Hol

Continued from July 29

Overlooking lake Strandavatnet

The day had finally come – the last day of our two-week summer vacation and our “tour de southern Norway”. We had done great hikes in Hedmark, Telemark and Buskerud counties. I had bagged 29 new tops, which surely would help in my quest for the annual 100 new tops.

But 30 is so much more easy to remember than 29, so I had some hopes that there would be a break on our drive from Hakkesetstølen to Sogndal. Moreover, it was the July 30th and – we had to walk the dog at some point…

And we soon found the perfect place to walk the dog – Einsetnuten on the southeast side of Strandavatnet. The vertical gain was only 270m.

The perfect walk-the-dog stop on our way home

We found the trailhead at a parking area just before Strandavatnet and headed upwards. The trail was well worn and the weather was nice.

On our way to Einsetnuten

It was nice to look towards Folarskardnuten on the Hallingskarvet plateau, which we visited the day before. For sure, the best hike of the two-week trip. Unfortunately, the mountain was hidden in fog, just like when we started our hike the day before. But then it cleared up and it was altogether a wonderful day on Hallingskarvet!

View towards Folarskardnuten (left of center)

It took us 25 minutes to the top. #30 in the bag! Yeah!

On top of Einsetnuten

Yesterday, we had noticed that there was a route to Einseten from the road to Raggsteindalen, and Anne wanted to descend this route. Karma witnessed in disbelief, Anne going all by herself.

M o m m y …

Karma and I descended the same way we came up and drove down to the other trailhead and waited for Anne. Eventually she showed up and we continued our journey towards Sogndal.

The final meters of our two-week hiking tour

Thanks for following our summer vacation!

Pictures from the trip:

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