Geitanosi, Aug 27 2017

Enjoying the beautiful Jostedalen valley

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Geitanosi 1317m 107m Luster, Norway
Overlooking Jostedalen

The day after we took Hilde, Trond Arne and two of their sons up the Nigardsbreen glacier, we woke up on Sunday morning in our lavvo at Jostedalen Camping. After a nice breakfast – eggs and bacon – prepared in the huge campfire pan, it was time to break up. Anne and I said goodbye to Hilde, Trond Arne and their boys and we broke camp.

On our way to Sogndal, we decided to drive up the Vanndalen toll road and hike Geitanosi. It’s a fairly short hike, only 4,4km (both ways) and 330 vertical meters.


It was yet another gorgeous day and I looked forward to visit a new top. I suppose Anne did too… I had thought I would visit this one on skis during winter, but now we were here…

With taller peaks like Myrhyrna and Vangsen dominating this side of the valley, I didn’t think the views would be so good. But Vangsen is quite an impressive sight in itself, and so is Myrhyrna and Vanndalsvatnet.

Myrhyrna and Vanndalsvatnet

And not to mention the view across the valley (ref. top picture)…

We followed the marked path towards Vangsen for a while, then we went off-trail, aiming for the saddle between the tops. Here, we found a new path which we don’t really where started. We enjoyed the view towards Brenibba and Lodalskåpa along the way – the only peaks exceeding 2000m on Jostedalsbreen massif.

Brenibba and Lodalskåa

And the view from the top wasn’t half bad…

On top of Geitanosi

We took a slightly different route (off-trail) back to the Vangsen trail and returned to the car down by Vanndalsvatnet. A nice ending to a very enjoyable outdoor weekend…

Vangsen (right) seen from Geitanosi

Pictures from the hike: 




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