Botnenibba, June 29 2018

Wonderful Friday evening on the Stranda/ Stryn border


Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Botnenibba 1372m 402m Stranda/ Stryn, Norway

Friday; stunning weather, and today I would finish off my list of peaks on the watershed on the south side of Honndalen valley, by visiting Botnenibba after work. And if was lucky, the north side would be completed before the weekend was over.

I drove to Røyrhussætra for the second time ever. The first time was in the beginning of the month, when Karma and I hiked Ørnefjellet and Rasumsfjellet.

Botnenibba seen from Røyrhussætra

I really should have visited Botnenibba back then, but it just didn’t happen. So, here I was, ready to finally “bag” this beautiful top.

We followed the path into Skihelledalen, like the last time. But once in the valley, we crossed the river and aimed for the Botnenibba ridge.

Crossing the river

From a distance, it wasn’t easy to tell if there were any challenges awaiting. But I assumed that it would be a fairly easy hike. But with a dog, you never know. What is quite trivial alone can be quite complex with a dog…

What’s ahead?

The ridge was quite steep, but there were no problems and eventually we could follow the final pitch towards the summit.

On the summit ridge

The views were nice, but not mind-blowing. I knew them all quite well by now, after many years of hiking mountains in this region. But some peaks are always nice to look at, over and over again…

View from Botnenibba

I also had a clear view of Rokkekjerringa, a peak that I had been thinking about for so many years, and always I imagined I would ski. But now I had a plan to visit this top the day after, and finish off my list of peaks surrounding Honndalen.

Rokkekjerringa – center

It was tempting to descend via Tennafjellet and Tverrdalsskaret, but it was almost 7pm on a Friday afternoon, and I wanted to get home (1h:15m drive) and enjoy a beer and a nice evening back home.

Karma on Botnenibba

Trip statistics: 7,9km, 850 vertical meters, 2h:35mins

Pictures from the hike:

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