Rokkekjerringa, June 30 2018

Finally Rokkekjerringa!


Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Point 1575m 1575m 85m Ørsta, Norway
Point 1460m 1460m 70m Ørsta, Norway
Rokkekjerringa 1543m 152m Ørsta, Norway

Saturday; finally Rokkekjerringa! Oh my, such a wonderful trip!

Karma and I started out from Hjortedalen, exactly where Anne and I skied Storhornet in 2010. The weather was gorgeous and I knew I had a good day ahead of me. Hopefully, Karma would too…

Heading from Hjortedalen into Blåbreddalen

The hike started with keeping a good distance from the local cows. You never know, they could be quite angry with strangers.

As we continued up Blåbreddalen valley, I realized that the terrain was quite different without snow. And I started to wonder if I would run into obstacles along the way. I could see a whole lot of steep slabs higher up in the valley. And furthermore, that river looked quite large!

Serious slab terrain

As we approached the slab area, I could see that we could not just go anywhere we pleased, but I was confident that an opening would appear.

I found a neat crack that took us up the worst part. From now on, there should be no more obstacles. At least, that’s what I thought…

A solution to a potential problem…

When we reached the snow, I was really glad I had goggles. The snow radiated so bright from the sunshine, and I started to wonder if this was too much light for the dog’s eyes. But, I didn’t want to turn around now, and hurried across the glacier.

Across the Blåbreden glacier

On my way across, I started to wonder if this was really a glacier, but on the far side, the answer to my questions presented itself…

Yup… there is ice beneath…

Next up was the ascent of the 1575m top. It was a steep and rocky pitch, but without any problems.

Towards the 1575m top

The top had a small snow cap and my GPS ranged between 1571 and 1576m. Close enough.

The 1575m top

We moved on in the direction of Rokkekjerringa, with a 200 vertical meter ascent ahead of us.

Towards Rokkekjerringa

I thought we were descending a snowy ridge, until I saw the dog halfway into a crevasse. I pulled her up by her harness. That spooked the hell out of me. And when I looked around, I was way too close to ugly terrain…

Karma – now safely out of the crevasse (just behind her)

We went further to the right, now clearly on a safe route and proceeded up to point 1460m, where I got a good view towards the route we came down.

Wild terrain!

And now the main goal was right in front of us. Finally Rokkekjerringa!


The ascent didn’t offer any difficulties and 2h:52m after leaving the car, we stood on top!

On top of Rokkekjerringa

The view, man! The view…

Hjørundfjorden seen from Rokkekjerringa

I also had a great view towards Botnenibba – that I did yesterday evening…


Then it was time for the long way home. We tried to avoid extra vertical meters when passing point 1460m, but the 200 vertical meters up to point 1575m were unavoidable.

Heading home

I made good sure to find the crack in the slab area that we followed on the way up. Once below the slabs, we reckoned we had earned to relax and satisfy the thirst. After all, it was a really hot day…

Down in Blåbreddalen valley

On May 25, I started my project to complete the watershed tops surrounding Honndalen valley. I had 8 to go back then. Now, the project was completed. Which effectively means that if I want to get a new top, I will have to do some of the hard Ørsta peaks or travel all the way to Stryn. I seriously have to relocate…

Trip statistics: 15,7km, 1430 vertical meters, 5h:16mins

Pictures from the hike:


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