Daurmålshornet, July 1 2018

A cool hump…

Daurmålshornet – the hump to the left on Snøhornet massif

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Daurmålshornet 890m 60m Ørsta, Norway

Sunday;  the first day of July and another gorgeous day. I knew one thing after driving to Honndalen both Friday and Saturday – I would NOT do a long drive today. So, I studied the map for interesting hikes in my local region and found Daurmålshornet – which is a hump on the Snøhornet mountain. But a hump with a primary factor of 60 meters is of interest, so the goal for the day was set…

There is a forest road passing on the north side of the mountain, and I hoped I could drive all the way to where I would begin the hike. As it turned out, I could not…


After a 1,4km hike, I came to the place where I had planned to park the car and begin the ascent. My idea was to follow the ridge on the west side of the river / creek. But then I met a guy who had spent the night up there in a tent, and he recommended that I stuck to the east side.

I thought that NO ONE (except peakbaggers) visited this mountain, and here I met a guy who had camped up there, before I had even started the real hike.

Towards Daurmålshornet (left) – off-trail

The hike up along the river wasn’t pleasant at all. Too much bush and when I came to the point where I had a canyon in front of me, it was tempting to go west. But I decided to stick to the advice, which meant to scramble up a really steep section to get above the canyon.

But once above, it seemed that I was on “easy street”…


The hike up to the top was now a “walk in the park” and when I came to lake Daurmålsvatnet, I could well understand why some would camp up here…

Lake Daurmålsvatnet

I also got a good understanding of where to go, in case I wanted to proceed to Snøhornet

Snøhornet. If I were to ascend, I could see a doable way on the right hand side..

That was however out of the question today, fully enjoying this weird hump…

Daurmålshornet – left

The view towards the Sunnmøre alps wasn’t half bad…

Karma on Daurmålshornet

It was high time to cool off, but the water didn’t offer my kind of temperature. I was halfway under before I concluded that I didn’t need cooling off after all. Neither did Karma, until I threw a stick in the lake…

Good girl…

We followed our ascent route on the way down, and what do you know! I met two guys on their way up to fish! A totally “overcrowded” mountain.

I asked them if there was plenty of fish in the lake, and just as the words left my mouth, I realized that this was like asking a Lapp how many reindeer he/she owns. They shrugged their shoulders, like … “not really sure. Probably not much fish…” As we parted my naivety made me laugh…

The route

Trip statistics: 7,5km, 770 vertical meters, 2h:50 mins

Pictures from the hike:


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