2018 Week 26

Afternoon hikes

Nice walks in the local region…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location WCP
Helgehornet 626m 545m Volda, Norway WCP
Laupsnipa 558m 380m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
Høgekubben 461m 103m Ålesund, Norway WCP
Geitnausa 456m 102m Ålesund, Norway WCP


Helgehornet (626m), June 25 2018


Ørsta view from Helgehornet

Monday, and the fog was at about 800m. Besides that, the weather was great and I figured Helgehornet would be a nice to start the week. I parked outside Helgehorntunnelen and followed the forest road up to where the forest path begins.

The route across Helgehornet

I am always in a good mood when I do a round trip hike across Helgehornet in the sunshine. The views are just awesome. The only exception is when they go nuts down at the shooting range. Why they have a shooting range just below one of the most visited tops in the region, beats me… Especially since many bring dogs along. Karma isn’t happy about it, but doesn’t get scared.

Karma on Helgehornet

I also like to watch the sea fog roll in, but only if I am looking DOWN on it, or watching it from a distance…

Sea fog…

Trip statistics: 7,6km, 605 vertical meters, 1h:53mins

Pictures from the hike:

Laupsnipa (558m), June 26 2018


Tuesday, and another hot and nice day. I decided to pay Laupsnipa – one of my local favorites – a visit.

We took the normal route up from Voldnes, which is nice in summer and even more nice in winter. Skiing down here (which is quite seldom you can) is EPIC!

It is not a very frequently visited top (the locals excluded from this statement), which is a shame, as the top is super-nice and the views are astounding.

View from Laupsnipa

I seldom take the same route down, and today was no exception. We descended down to lake Voldnesvatnet and I suggested to Karma to go for a swim. No way she gets into the water if there is nothing to retrieve, so I had to throw a rock. She didn’t find it of course, but at least she got to cool off..

Karma in Voldnesvatnet

Trip statistics: 5,4km, 550 vertical meters, 1h:30mins

Pictures from the hike:

Høgekubben (461m), Geitnausa (456m), June 27 2018


Hazy day on Geitnausa

Wednesday, and yet another gorgeus day. Today, I had a round trip hike that I’ve never done before; Eikenosa – Røssevollsvatnet – Høgekubben (not Høgkubben) – Geitnausa – Blindheimsvatnet – Eikenosa.

The route

This was nice from the beginning to the end. Although I have been to almost every spot on this mountain massif, I’ve never done this particular route before. And it was quite long (11,6km) to be an after-work hike…

Sykkylven view

When we got to Høgekubben, I saw the signpost – which had two problems; the name of the top was wrong, and the height was wrong. Someone had confused Høgekubben (461m) with Høgkubben (450m) – 3,4km to the southwest.

On Høg*E*kubben.

The route to Spjelkavikfjellet and the Geitnausa top was also new to me, and the normally beautiful view towards Ålesund was quite hazy.


I decided not to stop by Høgkubben (450m) this time, and returned to Eikenosa via Blindheimsvatnet.


Trip statistics: 11,6km, 450 vertical meters, 2h:35mins

Pictures from the hike:

Botnenibba (1372m),  June 29 2018

 Friday; see separate trip report

Rokkekjerringa (1543m),  June 30 2018

 Saturday; see separate trip report

Daurmålshornet (890m),  July 1 2018

 Sunday; see separate trip report

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